About us

Combining 15 years of work in the travel industry with our own passion for travel, Ingo and I finally decided to set up Equatours so that we could share our unique travel experiences with others.

Our philosophy “be a traveller not a tourist” is evident in the escorted adventure tours and experiential packages we have put together, and our aim is to give you an unforgettable holiday experience to those destinations you may not have considered before.

Taking you below the equator we will show you some of the most beautiful countries on planet earth, and provide you with the opportunity to step off the tourist trails to visit unique places on our ‘tried and tested’ routes.

We keep our escorted groups small so that we can cater for your every need, and whether you are looking for a thrill seeking adventure or a relaxing trip into nature, we give you the freedom and flexibility to do as you please.

We appreciate that escorted tours are not for everyone and so we also offer a fantastic collection of self-drive routes throughout South Africa, South America and Oceania for those independent travellers who prefer to explore alone.

We are constantly adding new destinations to our Tailor-Made Travel Portfolio, and can now create the trip of your dreams in just a few hours.  Simply let us know where, when and what you would like to see and do, and we will pull the pieces together into one unforgettable travel experience.

Having lived in over eight different countries we speak four languages and have a wealth of experience in travel that we look forward to sharing with you.

Been there, done that, we definitely have the t-shirt – so why not join us, and let us take you below zero for a holiday of a lifetime.

Wendy & Ingo Kaufmann

209 thoughts on “About us

  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, and for ‘liking’ the recipe for orzo with roasted vegetables. I’ll have to return to your site to find out about your excursion to Sicily—I’ve always wanted to to there, since my maternal grandparents were from Palermo.

  2. Thanks for visiting my post on Kamakura, Japan =D It’s amazing that you guys have traveled so much! You’re basically living one of my dreams! You should consider traveling to Japan and Sri Lanka too! =)

  3. When I’m done with my currently planned adventure, next stop is Americas – Northern tip to Southern tip by bike. May have to lean on ya for some advice about South American travel ;)

  4. Thanks for stopping by Found in France. I’m glad you enjoyed Collioure and hope you stop by again. My favorite way to travel was a rail pass and back pack. Now that I live here in France, I can take my car where the rail and buses don’t go. Bon voyage!

  5. Seriously, my head’s spinning like crazy right now, because I don’t know which post of yours to check out first! Gorgeous snapshots!

    • Thanks for visiting Sam – the world is one big wonderful place but we would have to recommend both South Africa and the countries of South America – amazing! Enjoy your travels wherever they take you!

  6. Hello Equatours Limited! Thank you for visiting my site and liking, “My oh My…Hamburger Mary’s (CA chp.1). Now I need to look into your program to find that one special trip that I will talk about forever.

  7. I love the idea of people working with something they love, particularly traveling, since the massive industry needs people with the right attitudes. Congratulations and good luck! And, as with all these other folks, thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Hi, and thanks so much for stopping in to “like” our post today. We, too, have a love for visiting new places. Have been to Italy 15 plus times, and are always in awe of each new experience. We, too, are leading fellow travelers to the Tuscany region, so maybe we can meet there someday! Take care.

  9. Thanks for expressing your appreciation for my blog post! Love your fabulous pictures. I can totally see myself rocking the summer outfits I put together in your amazing travel destinations. Wishing you continued success!

  10. Hi there,

    Thanks for leaving likes for my pics on The Legion of Door Whores, they are appreciated. If you have time, please drop by my blogs http://reflectionsofchina.wordpress.com and http://moreimagesfromme.wordpress.com , I do hope you will and also hope you like what you see! You guys are living the dream that most people long for and never do, so, well done for that:) You have a great site here certainly one worthy of a follow. Regards Mark

  11. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today “beantraveling“ and my post about swimming with a shark, your site is great, full of beautiful pictures and some good travel tips. Keep up the good work!

  12. Thanks for “liking” my post on the Andean Guild Villages of Ecuador and following my (sometimes travel-related) blog! I wish I’d known about your company before my trip, but I look forward to reading about other destinations in your blog!

  13. …from what you write on your blog you keep yourself busy – wow! Well done. Cheers. fil PS: thanks for your like on my blog too.

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I’m a solo traveler (have been traveling full time for about 2 years now) – I will be in Australia & New Zealand for 3-4 months soon… may contact you for possible trips around those parts!

    • Thanks for stopping by Dream Go Live! Please feel free to contact us any time about your upcoming trip (how exciting!). We spent 10 weeks in Australia and New Zealand during our trip around the world, and loved both countries! You are going to have a blast!! :)

  15. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me the chance to check out yours! It sounds like we have a lot of interests in common. I look forward to reading more from you!

  16. Thanks for checking out my Grand Cayman info. I’m blown away with what you guys have created here. I’m wondering if I could pick your brains sometime. Maybe a Skype call?

  17. Thanks so much for following my blog. I am a budding writer with enthusiasm for travel and related. I am sure I will comeback to you soon for some advise. Please let me have your mail id. Thanks for inspiring me.

  18. Thanks for becoming a subscriber. I wish you success in your business, and am enjoying your blog. Travel is the greatest educator. Wanderlust is definitely part of my character. If I had my wish, I’d take a round-the-world trip and just keep looking forward.

  19. Thank you for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. Let me know if I can offer any advice about Puerto Vallarta! Love your blog and company too.

  20. What a fascinating blog! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog and decided to follow me on my journey! I consider it an honor, and I’m glad to have you join me!
    I hope you have a wonderful week, and I look forward to learning more about travel from you!
    Thanks again!

  21. Thank you for taking a look and now wishing to come along with me on my adventures via cookiecrumbstoliveby—what a wonderful job/ life you are living! I look forward to exploring your world via your blog, thank you for sharing. Many blessings–Julie

    • Hey Anastasia, thanks for stopping by! We’ve been working in the wonderful world of travel for almost 18 years, although never as Yachties (well, not yet!) ;-)

  22. What an awesome blog! I love that you have lived in South Africa! I am from Cape Town – such a beautiful place! ;) Thank you for stopping by my blog and for sharing all your wonderful stories! Kate

  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog! After reading a bit about y’all, it seems your lives are a dream! Wonderfully well done! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  24. hey thanks so much for reading and following my blog, and i look forward to reading more of yours. heading south of the equator soon for a 5 week trip to western australia. one of my fav places. best of luck on your venture, what a wonderful idea, peace, beth

    • Hey Beth, thanks for visiting our blog! Wow, 5 weeks in Western Australia sounds amazing! We absolutely love the west coast and would quite happily move to Perth tomorrow! Have fun Wendy & Ingo :-)

  25. Thanks for liking my blogpost on Huatulco and choosing to follow my blog. As a fledgling travel blogger, it’s encouraging when those who are more traveled than I like what I write. I will enjoy checking out your blog site as well.

  26. “Be a traveller not a tourist” – what a beautiful and true philosophy! Thanks a lot of following my blog, I’m looking forward to finding out more about your tours and adventures! :) Enjoy life to the fullest!!

    • Thank you Daria! We love your blog, and as someone who is struggling to master the German language, you give me hope with your excellent English skills! ;-) Wendy

      • Thank you so much! I’m still kind of new to blogging but this whole “world” really fascinates me ;) So many opportunities, so much inspiration.. Thank you!

    • Hey Ken & Agnes! We love your beautiful blog! Thank you for stopping by ours… Yes, combining work with something you love certainly helps!! Kindest regards Wendy & Ingo

  27. Great idea for a travel business and blog. It looks like personalised travel experiences are becoming more popular these days. And love the name Equatours! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog, it’s very much appreciated.

  28. Many thanks for following my blog ‘trepidatious traveller’. I have only stepped outside Europe a couple of times, but my trip to South Asia opened my heart to the wonders of wider travel (if only funds allowed). I look forward to new vicarious adventures through your blog.

    • Thank you Trepidatious Traveller! If only we could all win the lottery and travel at will… but then, it wouldn’t be quite so special would it?! Happy travels, we look forward to following your blog. :)

  29. Thanx for stopping by and liking my post, hope you could understand everything, even though its written in german. I will check out your blog just now, looks very interesting! :-)

    • Hey Ginger! Thanks for visiting our blog… I am still learning German (schwierig!!) so may have lost a few words along the way, but Ingo is from Austria so no problems there! ;-) Vielen Dank!

      • Hey Hey, you really made me laugh with “schwierig!!” :-) Thanx even more for reading my post then! I guess your german is quite great so keep it going or ask Ingo for help;) Btw you guys have a nice blog! All the best..

      • Hahaha! Thanks Ginger… I wouldn’t say my German is ‘great’ yet, but I’m getting there (slowly!!). Your blog is a great training tool :-)

  30. Hi thanks for visiting and following my blog really great to have you along for the ride, your tours look great if you need a seasoned travel photographer let me know. asetcreations.wordpress.com

  31. Hi,

    Very nice concept and a pretty good blog.

    I really liked your idea of “Responsible Tourism” and will be in touch when I venture south of equator.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and beautiful shots.

    Have a nice day.

  32. Thank you for becoming the newest follower of Writing Well Design and Photography. I am so pleased to welcome you aboard. You may also enjoy 50Figment. Wishing you continued success.

  33. Oh my goodness, thank you for the follow and like on my blog The Reluctant Retiree. I am just about to write about another road trip around NSW, so I hope you enjoy it. I have been looking at your section on Australia – well done, and absolutely stunning photographs. You did us proud.

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