Worried about the cost of your 2014 Holiday? Worry not; Brits have already spent £10 Billion on Holidays This Year…!

I love a good travel survey, and if the newly released study by Rural Retreats is anything to go by, then it seems Briton’s have already spent more than £10 Billion (yep, that’s BILLION) on holidays this year!

The survey found that in a desperate attempt to lift the doom and gloom of winter, one in four people have already booked their summer holiday for 2014, with the average person splashing out £1,204 for their annual trip abroad.

2014 holidays to Africa

Of those questioned in the survey, 52 per cent said they booked a holiday in January to give themselves something to look forward to, while a further 28 per cent said they had booked up early  because they had found a particularly good deal during the holiday sales.

A second batch of good news came in the form of a second survey carried out by ecommerce specialist Webloyalty, which found that more than two-thirds of people in Britain (68 per cent to be exact!) intend to take a holiday this year, and the average spend will be £2,000 per holidaymaker.

The survey went on to indicate that overseas beach holidays and city breaks are going to be more popular this year than they were in 2013, but ‘Staycations’ are set to decline slightly as Brits head off to warmer locations in search of sun, sea and sand.

Well, if our first three weeks of the year are anything to go by, it seems 2014 is going to be Africa’s year! South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia are in huge demand, and if these survey’s are anything to go by, everyone can enjoy an African adventure in 2014!


70% of Adults need at least 2 Weeks to get over the Holiday Blues

If you have just returned home from a late summer holiday and are struggling to shake off the holiday blues, then you will pleased to know – you are not alone.

A recent survey commissioned by Tribute Pale Ale, confirmed that seven out of every ten adults take more than two weeks to stop reminiscing about the warm weather, the soft sandy beaches, and their beautiful holiday resort, and that the average person takes exactly eight days and 22 hours to get back into the swing of things!

A spokesperson for Tribute said, “If someone is suffering a bit from post-holiday blues and still thinking back to it nine days afterwards, then that’s at least a sign that they had a great time.” He went on to say, “Anything you can do to reminisce or re-live the holiday experiences, by for example drinking your favourite holiday beverage, will help ease the sadness.”

So there you have it, if your tan is starting to fade and the autumnal weather is getting you down, make yourself a Tequila Sunrise, get out the holiday brochures for 2013, and reminisce while look for your next exciting trip abroad – Cheers!


Travel News = Bad News!

Have you read any travel/holiday/tourism news lately?  Well, if you enjoying travelling may I suggest that you leave the newspaper firmly closed and turn off the TV!

Reading my daily dose of travel news was rather off-putting today, and just as we are all thinking about those much wanted (and needed!) summer holidays, it seems that there are ‘crises’ happening all over the world.

Just yesterday I blogged about stunning Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, and today I read that the pollution levels are so high in this pretty little city, that “some tour operators are telling visitors to steer clear until air quality improves”.  Well, we have pollution all over the world and unless we start travelling responsibly and cutting carbon emissions, it is a circumstance that is likely to remain unchanged.

Next up, the Canary Islands, my home for almost 10 years is in the news due to the fact that Repsol, a Spanish oil giant, has started drilling for oil a mere 40 kilometres from the coast.  As one of Britons most popular travel destinations, Las Islas Canarias rely on tourism and the thought of an oil spill is sending the locals, the tour operators, and the tourists into frenzy!  Oil, carbon emissions… do I need to say more?

Story number three (this one is a classic!); Garden Tourism is on the increase! Garden Tourism – what on earth is that! After reading the first paragraph I found that “gardens throughout England and Wales are opening up for a day or two for charity” so actually this is a positive story, and not a story about us holidaying in our gardens – phew!

Last story (I couldn’t possibly manage more bad news today) is that 2012 is going to be a “tricky” year for British tourism due to the London Olympics. Inflated hotel prices and a propaganda war are to blame, it seems.

So there you have a round-up of today’s travel news, it doesn’t make good reading does it?

Well, I’m not buying any of it, the world is big, beautiful and ready for discovery, so let’s turn off the TV, use the newspaper for our fish and chips, and book that summer holiday somewhere exotic!