Keep ‘Cool’ and Avoid the Top 10 Reasons Couples Argue on Holiday

Our holidays are supposed to be a time of rest, relaxation, indulgence, and if we are lucky, a little romance, yet recent surveys carried out by tour operators and travel companies show that more than three-quarters of couples have at least two arguments during their annual break!

Many arguments start at the holiday booking stage, with up to 37 per cent of couples unable to agree on a destination.  If you do manage to find a holiday that suits both your needs, you should make the most of the peace, as if the survey results are anything to go by, you could be having your first row by the end of day three!

Exhaustion, stress, and the flared tempers that ignite when we spend two weeks together in a cramped hotel room are to blame for our ‘trouble in paradise’, so if you really want to avoid arguing with your loved one, you might want to think about upgrading to a suite!

The Top 10 Reasons couples argue on holiday are listed as:

  1. Checking out other men/women on the beach or by the pool
  2. One partner drinking too much
  3. Disagreements about what to do (apparently women prefer to sunbathe, while men prefer to be more active)
  4. Packing – taking too much, not enough, or packing the wrong things for your partner
  5. Driving and map reading (this is not just on holiday I am sure!)
  6. Disagreeing on what and where to eat in the evening
  7. Currency Conversion
  8. Spending too much money
  9. Taking too long to get ready for dinner
  10. Agreeing on a time to get to the airport for the return flight home

However, before you get disheartened, the surveys go on to show that 56 per cent of couples agreed that their relationship was stronger after a holiday, and 74 per cent said their beach holiday was every bit as romantic as the imagined it would be.

South Africa – an escorted adventure

If you dream of visiting the beautiful countries that sit beneath the equator such as South America, Oceania and South Africa, then why not make 2012 your year to turn those dreams into reality!  With daily flights from most main European airports and a whole range of self-drive and escorted tours to choose from, your adventure to the south is now more accessible than ever before, you just need to make the next step and book it!

South Africa is a wonderful destination for Europeans and from now until May, you are pretty much guaranteed sunny days, warm nights, great wine tasting opportunities and all the activities you could possibly wish for, but if you have never been to South Africa before – where do you start?

Well, there are plenty of different travel options such as city breaks and self-drives, but if you prefer to travel with a group of like-minded people then an escorted tour is definitely the way to go.  Escorted tours have certainly advanced over the years, and while some may find overcrowded coach tours with a packed itinerary appealing, most travellers prefer something a little more intimate where their travel arrangements are taken care of, but they are free to come and go as the please.

The perfect holiday for singles, couples and groups, escorted tours provide the opportunity to visit far more places than you might if travelling alone, and if you choose one of the more ‘comfortable’ small group tours, then you may find you pick up some great new friends along the way!

Our Escorted South African Experience

Our first escorted tour to South Africa was a wonderful experience and we shared our luxury mini bus with just four other people, a couple from Australia, a Lady Doctor from China and our wonderful South African guide Ananda. Driving from Cape Town up the illustrious Garden Route, it didn’t take long for us all to become friends, and with such a mix of nationalities, there were plenty of fun stories and jokes to share around the dinner table.

When you travel with a group of people from around the world, it makes your own travel experience that little bit more special, so why not try an escorted tour this year and treat yourself to a wonderful South African Experience.

The Benefits of an Escorted Tour

The perfect holiday has different meanings for different people.  Some prefer to head off alone into the wilderness with just a backpack and travellers guidebook for company, while others prefer to join an organised tour where luxury hotels, quality ground transportation and all the activities you could possibly wish for are ready and waiting to be enjoyed.

Self-drive tours can be great fun and if you don’t mind following foreign signposts or driving on the “wrong side of the road” a self-drive tour could be one of the best holidays you have ever have. However, if your idea of the perfect holiday involves no stress, no maps and no wrong turns, then an escorted tour might be exactly the holiday you are looking for.

Ideal for singles, couples, families and groups, escorted tours remove any “what if” scenarios from your holiday, so you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the best the country you are visiting has to offer.

Escorted tours based on smaller groups are much more personal than the larger groups offered, and while they may cost a little more, they are more comfortable, more flexible and provide more opportunities to make friends with the other travellers in your group.

Visiting foreign lands on an escorted tour is fun, stress free and you do not have to worry about language barriers or wandering off into unfamiliar surroundings as you have a personal guide with you every step of the way.  You do not have to search for the best restaurants, excursions, hotels and activities, and as you have a personal driver, you are free to taste those fine wines at local Vineyards or enjoy a bottle of wine at the beach!

If you would like to discover a whole new world but do not want to do it alone, consider an escorted tour for your next holiday and uncover the world with a group of like-minded people, who could soon be your new best friends!