Winter Weekends in European Cities – It’s cold but Festive and the Shopping’s Great!

There is something undeniably festive about Europe’s major cities during the run up to Christmas, and whether you are looking for a romantic weekend with a loved one, or an action packed girly shopping trip, the likes of Paris, Vienna, London and Milan have something to offer everyone.

With just eight weeks to go (sorry!) until Santa squeezes his way down our chimneys, the Christmas shopping frenzy has already begun, and if you haven’t heard the first tinkling sounds of Jingle Bells yet, just wait till you head out shopping this weekend!

Christmas is a magical time of year in Europe’s cities, and you don’t have to celebrate the religious event to take part in the fun. So, if you fancy a winter break somewhere festive but freezing, here are our Top 5 Cities and the reasons you should visit them:

Munich, Germany

A great city to visit at any time of the year, Munich is pretty, fun, and during the festive season there are numerous Christkindmärkts selling arts and crafts, roasted chestnuts, and of course, Gluhwein!

Barcelona, Spain

The stunning city of Barcelona is less crowded during the months of November and December so it’s a great time to visit.  Great hotels, stunning architecture, endless shopping, and delicious tapas make this city the perfect choice for your winter getaway.

Prague, Czech Republic

Famous for its renaissance styled architecture, Prague is so much more than a hen-night/stag-do destination (although it’s perfect for both!). During the winter months, the shops are decorated in sparkling lights, and you can enjoy delicious local delicacies of Trdelnik and Berherovka as you wander through the frosty streets.

London, England

Well, I couldn’t possibly leave London off this list!  A gorgeous city, it really comes alive at Christmas time when the streetlights sparkle, the carol-singers are out in force, and you can ice-skate at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Paris, France

Whether it deserves its title as the most romantic city in the world… well, that depends whom you go with! But Paris is certainly very pretty and a great place to spend a winter weekend. The food is worth the trip alone, and if you fancy treating yourself to a little couture, there is no better place on earth!

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  1. Oh yes, now is the fun time to visit a lot of northern cities – they have some fantastic markets and they decorate themselves so beautifully.

    1. I know – I just wish they were a bit warmer!! 😉

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