10 Destinations I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving

We would like to wish all our fellow American friends, travellers and bloggers a very Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope that 2012 has given you much to be thankful for, and as us, (poor) Europeans do not get to join in today’s celebrations; I thought I would dedicate this travel blog to 10 holiday destinations that I am extremely thankful for this Thanksgiving!

10 Destinations I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving Zanzibar

Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

Yes, I know I have been going on about Zanzibar a lot lately, but it is such an amazing holiday destination that it had to go at the top of my list!  I am truly thankful that we got the opportunity to visit this year, and cannot wait to return.

10 Destinations I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

Love it or hate it, you cannot deny there is something special about Las Vegas, and while it’s a bit chilly at this time of year, there is so much going on indoors that you never need to venture outside! An action packed holiday destination that’s full of fun, I am definitely thankful for Las Vegas (and the rather handsome chap in front of Bellagio!)

10 Destinations I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving Mamanuca Islands Fiji

Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Paradise on earth, the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji offer those pure white sandy beaches, turquoise seas, and seafood restaurants that we all dream of, and if you fancy an exotic holiday in 2013, this is the perfect destination.

10 Destinations I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving New York

New York, New York

I haven’t visited for several years now, but New York remains my favourite city in the world, and I cannot wait to return. I am very thankful that the recent Hurricane didn’t destroy this bustling metropolis of great hotels, shops, bars and dining venues, and spare a thought today to those who were affected.

10 Destinations I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving Singapore


A perfectly polished pearl of the Indian Ocean and South China Sea, Singapore is an amazing holiday destination that has something for everyone.  Fabulous hotels, beautiful parks and shopping malls, and endless dining possibilities, Singapore has it all, and while many use it as a stopover on the way to Australia, it has enough charm and entertainment to make it a holiday destination in its own right.

10 Destinations I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving Queenstown New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

I am so very thankful for Queenstown, New Zealand, that I would quite happily pack my bags and move there tomorrow! Fantastic scenery, numerous activities such as hiking, skiing and boating, great restaurants and vineyards, and some of the friendliest locals around, we love this destination.

10 Destinations I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving - South Africa

South Africa

I know, I go on about this a lot too, but if you have ever been to South Africa you will understand why I am so passionate about this magnificent country.  The cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, the illustrious Garden Route, the endless Game Reserves and Safari options of Kruger and the Eastern Cape, and everything in-between makes SA one of our all time favourite holiday destinations. Thankful, thankful, thankful!

10 Destinations I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving - Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Who isn’t thankful for Cabo?!  A cool, hip and trendy holiday destination, it appeals to those looking for fine hotels and a great party atmosphere, and if you are in the mood to shop, you can do some serious damage to your credit card in this town!

Patagonia, Chile & Argentina

The sheer beauty of Patagonia is impossible to describe, but if you love rugged mountains, fresh lakes, sparkling glaciers and adventures off the beaten track, there is no better place on earth for your 2013 holiday.  Legend says that God created Chile from the pieces leftover when he created the wonders of the world, and you know what, I think it might be right!

10 Destinations I am Thankful for This Thanksgiving - Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro

Well, you didn’t expect me to leave this off my list, did you?  I am so thankful we had the opportunity to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and even more thankful that we made it all the way to Uhuru Peak.  My achievement of 2012 and something I will remember forever, this really is the stuff dreams are made of!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. pankchophoto says:

    Great list!!! But makes me sad that I’ve been only in one of these place (NY). Not a big fan of Las Vegas but I’d definitely like to go to the other 8.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! If you have never been to Vegas how do you know you are not a fan?! Try it, you might just like it! 😉

  2. hayley says:

    I love that you have Queenstown on your list, it’s my favourite region of the world. All your other choices have great appeal as well though I’ve not been to most – yet!

    1. There is plenty of time Hayley! 😉 Thanks for stopping by, we love Queenstown and cannot wait to return!

  3. Jane Sadek says:

    You get around more than I do, but I’m not exactly a stay-at-home. I think the destination I’m most thankful for is San Antonio, TX. All I have to do is spend a few hours driving down there and then get to the River – suddenly I’m in a completely different world from my home in Dallas. It’s like a perpetual fiesta. I wouldn’t want to move down there though. Six years of living on the beach in California ruined the benefits of visiting beaches for me. Before I moved to Cali my mom told me there were places to live and places to visit. I thought she was nuts. Now I know.

    1. You know Jane, you are absolutely right! We lived on the Caribbean Island of St. Martin for six months and were so happy to leave! A wonderful place for a vacation, but living there is a whole different story! 🙂

  4. Tahira says:

    Makes me want to go to every single place you just listed, Wendy! 🙂 Great post!

    1. Thank you Tahira! Makes me want to return to all these great places too! 🙂

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