Social Weaver Birds – Weaving their magic in the Namibian Desert

There are some amazing creatures living in Namibia, especially those that have adapted to the arid terrain and hostile landscapes such as the desert-adapted elephant and the desert-adapted Lion, but there is one special creature that really caught my eye during our self-drive Namibia holiday, and that is the incredible Sociable Weaver Bird.

The world’s most proficient engineers, Social Weaver Birds of Southern Africa build the most extraordinary nest structures, specially created to keep danger at bay with cylindrical downward facing entrances that snakes and other hungry predators simply cannot reach from the top of the nest.

Built by a community of sociable weaver birds (perhaps that’s why they are called ‘sociable’?), these magnificent nests are made up of grass, twigs, leaves and just about anything else these clever little birds can get their beaks on, to create an exquisite and elaborate nest structures that can easily take over an entire tree.

Clever indeed, the Social Weaver Birds are weaving their magic all over Southern Africa, so why not head below the equator this year and take a look!

img_0212 img_0207 img_0211 img_0210 Self Drive Holidays Namibia





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