Gastronomic Experiences Argentina: Mouth-Watering Travels for those with Good Taste!

Culinary tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing travel trends, and if your dream of the perfect holiday includes wine tasting, food tours, gourmet hotels, and unique gastronomic experiences, there is one South American destination that belongs right at the top of your bucket list, and that is Argentina.

Tailor made to suit every palate, gastronomic tours of Argentina are designed to tickle your taste buds in all the right places, and whether you have a passion for new world wines, the world’s best steak, the perfect empanada, or sampling local cuisines in spectacular landscapes, you will find all the culinary experiences you are looking for during your Argentine adventure.

Gastronomic Holidays Argentina

Image Courtesy of The Argentine Experience ( 

Most trips to Argentina start with a visit to Buenos Aires, a vibrant and energetic city that is literally busting with eateries.  The perfect destination for foodies, BsAs homes some of Argentina’s finest steakhouses such as The Argentine Experience, where you can actually fill your own empanadas and learn how to mix your own wine-based cocktails before indulging in the best steak you have ever had. If you prefer to let someone else do the cooking, head on over to Cabana Las Lilas in Puerto Madero – one of my personal favourites!

Once you have tasted your way around Buenos Aires, the next stop on your gastronomic tour should be Mendoza, Argentina’s award-winning wine region.  The perfect playground for food aficionados and wine connoisseurs, Mendoza has over 100 gastronomic routes, all of which offer spectacular wine tasting and distinguished dining experiences.  Don’t forget to try the Malbec!

From Mendoza, well… you could head south to Bariloche where you can indulge in regional dishes with Patagonian gourmet touches, or you could head all the way north to Salta, where you will find a fusion of modern and traditional Argentine cuisines.

Of course, if you have time, you should definitely visit both Bariloche and Salta! Both these regions offer something unique to the traveller – and I can pretty much guarantee that you and your taste buds will not be disappointed.

Argentina truly is a delicious country, and its wines are some of the best in the world – so what are you waiting for?


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