Travel Vouchers – A unique gift idea for Valentine’s Day

Whether you love it or hate it, we have just four days to go until the “most romantic day of the year” Saint Valentine’s Day, is upon us.

A day of love hearts, cupid’s arrows and red roses, Valentine’s Day is still the most popular day for marriage proposals, and if you want to let someone know you love them, then there is no better opportunity to do so than on February 14th!

For ‘old married couples’ like us, the idea of (dare I say) “wasting money” on a bunch of overpriced red roses does seem rather extravagant, and so we have always opted to save our money and put it towards our next holiday adventure instead!

This is how we came up with our idea for Holiday Travel Vouchers.  A wonderful way to save throughout the year for you next exotic trip abroad, our travel vouchers are available in increments of £100 or 100€ and are redeemable against any escorted tour or self-drive holiday in our program.  Valid for 2 years and available to purchase at any time, we feel our holiday travel vouchers make wonderful gifts for every occasion – and let’s face it, if you had the choice between a box of milk tray or round the world tour – what would you choose!


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