Our Top 10 Cities – Sucre Bolivia

When you are lucky enough to have visited over 45 countries, compiling a list of your Top 10 Favourite cities is no easy task!  With so many great cities spread across the globe, it is almost impossible to whittle it down to just 10 favourites, but after much deliberation, we finally got our short list together.

Heading southwest from Europe, our number 10 Favourite City goes to the picturesque city of Sucre in Bolivia.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991, Sucre is the constitutional capital of Bolivia, located 2750m above sea level. A city rich in history and a wealth of colonial architecture, Sucre combines beautiful white washed buildings with picturesque parks, low mountains with tall palm trees, and all the churches and museums one could possibly wish for, to make this quite a unique travel destination.

We were lucky enough to stay in the Hotel de Su Merced, a wonderful colonial building built in the 18th century that sits in the centre of Sucre.  With panoramic views over the city and a relaxed friendly atmosphere, we soon extended our stay (apparently, this happens a lot in Sucre!), and spent some extra time discovering the delights that this stunning city has to offer.

So what is there to do in Sucre? Well, that depends on the individual. Sucre is a city where you can do as much or as little as you like, but one place we can highly recommend is the Parque Cretacico (Cal Orck’o) where you can step back 65 million years and witness over 5,000 tracks of 150 different dinosaur species.  With life-size models and on-site tours, this is a great park for history buffs, and you just have to jump on the safari style buses to get there!

If you want to experience the ‘real’ Bolivia, a trip to the Jalq’a villages will give you an insight into this ethnic group and the distinctive textiles they make, and for an explosion of sights, colours and sounds the local markets are always worth a visit.

For us, Sucre was all about strolling down the genteel streets, admiring the beautiful buildings, enjoying the warm sunshine and chatting to the friendly locals.  Our evenings were spent indulging in delicious foods in one of the numerous cafés and restaurants, before heading back to our hotel to watch the sunset from the rooftop terrace with a glass of wine.

A city with a homely feel, Sucre definitely deserves its place on our Top 10 Favourite Cities list, as once you arrive you feel like you could stay there forever!


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