Our Top 10 Cities – Part II – New York New York!

In this second part of Our Top 10 Cities, we head across to the USA and to our Number 9 Top City – New York!

New York was the first place I ever wanted to visit in the USA and it didn’t disappoint.  Fast, exciting and a little bit crazy, this magnificent city has so much going on that the days turn into nights, and you rarely find time to catch your breath in your pricey but luxurious hotel suite!

Perhaps not the best time of year to visit, we went to New York in January and witnessed some of the coldest temperatures on record!  With temperatures well below zero and an ice-cold wind chill from the River Hudson, we simply dashed from one colossal shopping mall to another stocking up in the great January sales that put our European sales to shame!

Times Square is perhaps one of New York’s most popular tourist attractions, where bright lights, loud music and street dancers are apparent on every corner. A great area to people watch, stock up on some tacky souvenirs, and enjoy one of the many restaurants, Time Square is everything you imagine it would be – and perhaps a little bit more.

If you enjoy walking then NYC is the city for you! You can walk just about everywhere and there is nothing more enjoyable than a stroll around Chinatown for a deliciously warming duck soup, followed by a beer and a chat with the locals in nearby Little Italy, before stopping off at Soho in search of some vintage bargains.

As the sun begins to set, New York City turns up the lights to become an explosion of neon against the magnificent black sky.  The bars and restaurants pack-out with a miscellany of businessmen and women, the ‘it’ crowd of NYC, and tourists from around the world to create a chaotic and exciting environment that you cannot help but enjoy.

With magnificent shows, central park, the Statue of Liberty and many other great landmarks to visit, New York offers a 24/7 itinerary so be prepared to stay awake in the city that never sleeps!


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