Our Top 10 Cities – Part VIII – Buenos Aires

Compiling our list of favourite cities has given us a wonderful opportunity to revisit the photo albums and relive some of our most cherished memories.  With just three spots left on our list, we head back to South America and Our Number 3 Top City goes to the vibrant and beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I don’t know where it comes from but I always have an inexplicable feeling of “coming home” whenever we travel to Argentina.  A country that captured my heart the minute we first landed in Buenos Aires, it combines natural beauty with cosmopolitan cities, great food with friendly people, and if you enjoy wines from the new world there is perhaps no better place on earth!

Most people discovering the wonderful country of Argentina will start off in the bustling hub of Buenos Aires, a place where fine restaurants rub shoulders with street side cafés, vintage shops compete with designer department stores, and the sound of the Tango is never far from earshot.

An exciting city that is spotlessly clean, Buenos Aires has an inviting atmosphere, it is easy to get around and the attractions are endless, so it is the perfect place to start your adventure and get the feel for the Argentine way of life.

What is there to do in Buenos Aires? Well plenty!  A visit to the Casa Rosada is a must for the photo album, and you can almost visualise Evita Peron (or Madonna!) standing on that magnificent balcony addressing the crowds below.

Our favourite spot for dining is Puerto Madero, when one can take a stroll along the Rio de la Plata riverbank before heading off for a delicious lunch of steak, salad and of course, a bottle of wine!  La Boca is another great place to visit, especially if you intend to catch a football match at the Boca Stadium, and it houses the popular museum street El Caminito where one can enjoy the brightly coloured buildings while listening to the Tango and watching the street dancers.

Antique lovers should head to San Telmo, especially on Sunday’s when the local fairs are in full swing, and history buffs will find a wealth of interesting epitaphs to read at the famous Recoleta cemetery.

As the evening falls, Buenos Aires is all about great food, fine wine and wonderful company, and if dancing is your thing, you will find all the dance clubs you could possibly wish for in Palermo Viejo.

Buenos Aires is a magical city and the perfect gateway to Argentina – one for your bucket list!!


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