Escorted Holidays – What is included?

Escorted holidays to exotic destinations are now more popular than ever before, and if you dream of visiting faraway lands but worry about the language barriers, travelling alone, or are simply a little nervous to venture off into the unknown, then and escorted tour may be the perfect solution for you.

While escorted tours of the past may have involved large groups transported in overcrowded coaches, the small group escorted tours of today are far more luxurious and provide the personal touch that makes a holiday memorable.

If you have never experienced an escorted tour then you are sure to have many questions such as what is included in the price, how much freedom will I get, and do I have to partake in all the activities?  The answers will vary greatly from tour operator to tour operator, and so if you are looking for the holiday of a lifetime then it is advisable to read to the small print.

We feel that a high quality escorted tour should include all flights (many do not include this in the package price), pristine ground transportation, four and five-star hotels, and a flexible itinerary that gives you the freedom to opt in our out of the activities or excursions.  Dining should be at your leisure, and while the tour needs to have some structure, breakfast seating’s should be long and dinner should be at “whatever o’clock”.

Dining alone or dining with fellow travellers should be your own decision, and if you simply do not feel like taking part in one of the activities, you should be able to relax at the hotel and do whatever you please.

Thankfully, many escorted tours of today offer all of the above and combine the convenience of a well-planned route and luxury hotels, with the freedom one needs to make the holiday their own.

With an escorted tour, there is always someone available to answer your questions, take those treasured holiday snaps, and recommend restaurants, but only when required – the rest of the holiday should be yours to do with as you please!

If you think an escorted holiday might be for you, why not try it this year and discover a whole new world and a fantastic new way to travel!


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