Rovos – The Ultimate in Luxury Rail Travel

If you dream of travelling across Africa in a luxury vehicle of the bygone era then Rovos Rail will make all your dreams come true.

Boasting a whole fleet of splendid locomotives, guests sleepers, exquisite dining cars and lounge cars, Rovos Rail offer a collection of different routes ranging from a three-day trip between Cape Town and Pretoria, right through to a 28 day trip across the African continent from Cape Town to Egypt.

Depending on the journey you choose, you can expect to witness the amazing scenery of Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa along the way, and uncover Africa in a way quite unlike any other.

Offering incomparable luxury, Rovos Rail trains are some of the most tastefully decorated and comfortable modes of transport one will ever encounter, and once you step aboard for your  five-star, all-inclusive experience you will begin to appreciate the fine décor and opulent surroundings within moments of receiving your first glass of champagne!

Dinning on Rovos Rail is an experience in itself, and you can expect to enjoy breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner in one of the plush dining cars.  Dinner is a formal event where guests have the opportunity to dress in their finest while indulging in a delicious menu and a selection of fine South African Wines.

With no TV’s, internet access and limited mobile reception aboard, Rovos Rail encourages those who rarely switch off the opportunity to relax, unwind and take pleasure in the beautiful scenery, fine dining and excellent service while meeting new friends on a magical journey.


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