Is Social Media changing the way we travel?

If you wanted to book a holiday in the 1980s and 1990s, a trip to the high street travel agent was a must.  Holiday brochures, paper tickets, traveller’s cheques and a selection of foreign currency were staple requirements of any trip abroad, and most of us booked several months (or even years!) in advance to secure our favoured holiday destination.

My how things have changed!

Fast forward to 2012 and the social media world we live in today of Facebook, Google, iPad and iPhone, and it is easy to see that the way we research and book our holidays is a whole new story. No longer content with glossy brochures and star-ratings, travellers of today want to explore hotels and destinations virtually before they arrive, read the comments of those who have actually stayed there, and take a virtual tour of the activities available before handing over their hard-earned cash – and who can blame them?

In a world where technology allows us to explore, discover and experience our dream holiday destinations before we even arrive, why would we consider using a high street travel agent and pay extra for the privilege!

Online travel agencies allow us to search for our dream holiday from the comfort of our own home, and provide us with the tools necessary to compare prices, upgrade, and extend our trips before a simple phone call secures our place.  E-tickets give us the freedom to check-in online and download our boarding passes at a time convenient to us, so our holiday can begin the moment we wake up on the day of travel.

Traveller’s cheques are now replaced by safe and convenient credit and debit cards, and as major providers such as VISA and MasterCard are accepted all over the world, we can take advantage of excellent currency conversion rates wherever our travel adventures take us.

So social media is most definitely changing the way we travel, and for the better, so why not pack your passport, credit card, iPhone and toothbrush and jump on the next plane!


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  1. Tin Sison says:

    I totally agree with you. Social media has provided us such convenience.

    1. Thanks for visiting our Blog Tin! Social media & travel go so well together…

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