Tailor Made Travel

If you are looking for an experiential travel package, something that includes your dream destinations, your preferred hotels, and only your favourite activities, then it may be time to ditch those dated holiday brochures and get in touch with a modern tour operator that can tailor make the holiday of your dreams.

Today’s traveller is more demanding, more savvy and better informed than ever before, and as such, we want to travel in style, we want to visit exotic destinations, and we want to stay in hotels and guest houses that our more luxurious than our own homes. As a result, tailor-made travel is a growing trend, and contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be rich and famous to enjoy it!

Many new tour operators offer bespoke travel services, whereby you choose the location or locations, duration, hotel star rating, board basis and provide a budget guideline – and they do the rest.  Organising everything from your flights, hotel accommodation, overland transport and even insurance, these packages have all the advantages you would get through booking with a high street travel agent, but rather than picking a ready-made holiday, you get to tailor make it to suit your own needs and requirements.

With no limits on when, where and for how long, the world really is your oyster when it comes to tailor-made travel. Therefore, if you want to combine a city break with a South African Safari, a trip to Las Vegas with a Pacific Cruise, or a honeymoon in Africa with a beach break in Mauritius, your bespoke tour operator can make all your dreams come true.

If I had just one Pound/Dollar/Euro for every time a friend or family member has complained about an unsatisfactory holiday package, well, I would be on holiday in an exotic destination rather than writing this blog today! So do yourself a favour, ditch the packages and tailor make your holidays with the help of a bespoke tour operator – it is your holiday after all!


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