Our Top 10 Easter Holiday Ideas

Easter is fast approaching and if you want to head off on a family holiday or a relaxing adult only trip, then now is the perfect time to secure your spot and get booked up for some April sunshine.

Where to go is the only thing to decide, and while the government may be encouraging us Brits to take a “staycation” (is that really a word?) this year, if you want warm sunshine, white sand, and sea temperatures you can actually swim in, you might need to head a little further away from home!

We can think of at least 100 places we would like to spend our Easter break, but after much consideration and deliberation, we have managed to whittle that list down to just ten, and here are our Top 10 Easter Holiday ideas!

10. Crete, Greece

Cheap, cheerful, and just a 3 hour flight from the UK, the beautiful Grecian Island of Crete is a lovely place to spend your Easter break and you are pretty much guaranteed warmer weather, sandy beaches and great food.

9. Vienna, Austria

Staying with Europe for a while longer, our number nine spot will suit those looking for a city break.  Vienna is big, beautiful and full of culture, and if you enjoy great hotels, fine dining and Austrian wines, there is perhaps no better place to spend your Easter holiday.

8. Miami, Florida

Miami is hot, sunny and pretty sexy no matter what time of year you visit, and if you are looking for a romantic getaway for two, this could be your perfect Easter holiday location.  With daily flights from most major European airports, Miami is easily accessible and well worth the trip.

7. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Easter is a great time to visit Playa del Carmen, and if you enjoy Mexican food, cool beer and warm sunshine, you will think you have arrived in Paradise.  Slightly less commercial than Cancun (although it’s catching up quickly), Playa del Carmen is great for families and couples alike.

6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Prince Harry has just been there, and well, if it’s good enough for Harry it’s definitely good enough for us!  Combining warm sunshine with fantastic beaches, friendly people and a great party vibe – Rio is the place to spend a super cool Easter break with friends.

5. Caribbean Cruise

If you have never cruised before why not use this Easter as your opportunity to do so!  A wonderful way to relax, visit lots of different places without unpacking, and sail amongst the turquoise Caribbean waters, cruising is one of our favourite ways to holiday.

4. Las Vegas, US

The entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas is a great place to go if you are heading off on holiday with your friends or loved one.  Great hotels, great entertainment and plenty of activities to keep you occupied, Vegas will always feature on our top 10 lists, as it’s just so much fun!

3. Mauritius

If you want to escape to paradise this Easter, pack your bags and head on down to Mauritius.  Fine sandy beaches, friendly locals and beautiful scenery make this a truly special holiday location, and you can now fly direct from London!

2. Fiji Islands

We know it is a long way to go for an Easter break, but if you really want to treat yourself and a loved one this Easter, you will struggle to find anywhere better than the Fiji Islands.  With secluded beach huts, majestic boat rides and breathtaking scenery – Fiji really does have it all. Bula!

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a great place to visit during April, and if you enjoy cosmopolitan city life, beautiful beaches, and great wines, the Mother City is the best place on earth to spend your Easter holiday – so why not join us!

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, it provides us with a great opportunity (excuse!) to get away, so why not work your way through our Top 10 list, and let us know where you are going this April!


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