Britons – Spending more on Holidays in 2012

According to a new poll from Visa Europe, Britons are planning to increase their holiday spending in 2012, with each of us spending an average of £3,890 on overseas breaks.

Great news for the travel industry and even better news for those of us who enjoy taking holidays, this encouraging survey indicates that the amount we spend on holidays has increased by £300 on the 2011 figure, and that our greatest expense will be accommodation, followed by travel to and from our chosen destination.

Spain managed to hold on to its title of “most popular getaway for Britons in 2011”, but holiday trends show an increase in long-haul travel, with both the USA and Australia featuring high up on the list, and with our increased spending budget we can look forward to travelling further and longer this year!

With the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, 2012 promises to be a very busy year in the UK, and the good news for British businesses is that the survey also suggests “a number of Britons are planning September visits abroad”, so they can first enjoy the events at home.

Great news to wake up to on a Monday morning, it seems there is light at the end of the recession tunnel, and I might just book my September holiday to celebrate!


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