Luxury Cruising – Go on Treat yourself!

Another glorious day here today and, as usual, days like these make me think of one thing, and that is going on holiday!  As someone who works to live rather than the other way round, travelling is always on my mind, and as I haven’t been away since December (three whole months ago!) I feel that familiar itch which tells me that it is time to book the next trip to somewhere more exotic!

Where should we go this year?  Well, deciding is probably the hardest part, but as we are searching for a truly relaxing trip, I think our first holiday of 2012 will be aboard a cruise ship.

Luxury cruising is definitely on the increase, and if you have never cruised before, we can highly recommend that you treat yourself to an all-inclusive voyage this year!  A wonderful way to holiday, especially if you want to spend the days relaxing with a good book or discovering new ports, indulging in delicious foods, and enjoying the numerous activities and shows aboard a luxury vessel, but be aware – it is addictive!

When we took our first cruise, we decided to take a 7-night tour of the Mexican Riviera, and agreed that if we didn’t like it, we would simply disembark and spend a week in our first port of call Acapulco.  Of course, we absolutely loved life on board, and within 6 months of our first cruise, we were back on board for two weeks in the Caribbean, quickly followed by a three-week tour through the Panama Canal.

Why? Well, we love the simplicity of a luxury cruising holiday.  Once on board you can pack away your wallet, and do what you want, whenever you want!  Fine dining is available 24/7 (including room service); cocktails are bright, colourful and endless, live music plays day and night, and when you are not in port, you can simply relax by the pool, work out in the fully equipped gym, or treat yourself to a massage in the Spa!  Cruising is all about doing exactly what you want to do, and we just love the carefree convenience of it all.

There are cruises available to suit every budget, and whether you are looking for a week in the Mediterranean, two weeks in the Caribbean or three weeks sailing across the Pacific, there is a luxury cruise ship going in your direction!


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