Easter – The Great Escape

The eggs are painted, the chocolate bunnies are chilling nicely in the fridge, and we have just days to go until we can dive in and indulge in the biggest chocolate feast of the year, referred to by some as Easter!

Whether you celebrate the event or not, it is a great opportunity to take time off work and spend it with friends and family, and if you are one of the lucky ones heading off on your first holiday of the year, well, we hope you have a good one!

The weather is absolutely atrocious in the UK right now, and while the Home Secretary warns there could be “gridlock” at many UK airports, I am sure it isn’t going to stop the millions of travellers heading off on their much wanted spring holiday, so I do hope the airports get their act together.

Vorarlberg Austria

We are spending Easter in Austria, and while the weather here isn’t quite as bad as in the UK, the forecast for the weekend is not looking too favourable so I think it will be a weekend indoors, eating chocolate and drinking the infamous Austrian Oster Bock (or Easter Buck) Beer!  At 8.5% ABV, it packs a mighty punch, but Easter comes but once a year and when it comes, it brings good beer, so it would be shame to waste it!

Unlike those who have to take their holiday during the school holidays, we are going to wait patiently for the Easter rush to die down before heading off to Sardinia at the end of the month.  A new destination, I cannot wait to see what this Italian gem has to offer, and it will be our first chance to get some Mediterranean rays this year.

So if the fuel crisis, airport gridlocks, and hiked school holiday prices see you staying at home this Easter, why not stock up on chocolate eggs and bunnies, maybe order in some Oster Bock beer, and spend the weekend indoors with your loved ones! With snow outside, there is no better time to stay in the warm and start planning your summer holiday!


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