Magnificent Aotearoa – New Zealand in Pictures

For us Europeans, New Zealand is just about as far as we can go until we start coming back again, and as such, it remains high on many travellers bucket list.

A magnificent country separated into two completely different islands, New Zealand is so worth the journey, and if you think the 20 something hour flight is too much to bear, just take a look at the photos below and we are sure you will change your mind!

Christchurch New Zealand
Blue skies and palm trees...
Akaroa South Island
Queenstown South Island
Queenstown New Zealand
A birds-eye view of Queenstown
New Zealand
South Island New Zealand
New Zealand Lamb
New Zealand would not be New Zealand without Sheep!
New Zealand Pictures
More beautiful scenery
Sailing into Milford Sounds
Sailing into Milford Sounds
Milford Sounds
Majestic Milford Sounds
Milford Sounds New Zealand
Milford Sounds Waterfall
Seals at Milford Sounds
Milford Sounds Residents!
Auckland - The City of Sails
Rotorua - Beautiful... but smelly!
You'll need plenty of Tabasco for this Oyster!
Keeping beer cool
The Kiwi's certainly know how to keep their beer chilled!

If you fancy adding a couple of photo’s like these to your own photo albums, why not treat yourself to that trip to New Zealand this year?  It’s a whole lot closer than you think!


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