Escorted Tours to Exotic Travel Destinations in Demand

With the current economic situation, it is no surprise that the travel industry is facing a tough market.  With constant reminders that we are on the brink of yet another recession (I thought we were still in the last one?), the thought of investing our hard-earned cash into a well-earned holiday may be somewhat daunting.

However, after reading a report today on travel weekly, it seems we are still travelling throughout this ‘financial crisis’ and that high-end escorted tours to exotic destinations are on the increase.

The reason, it seems, is that many of us prefer the convenience and stress-free travel that an escorted tour offers, and when you combine that with value for money and a well-planned route, you can fully understand why people are choosing luxury escorted tours over any other type of holiday.

Discovering countries such as South Africa, Argentina, Brazil and New Zealand with a small group of like-minded people is a wonderful way to see a country, and as they increase the chances of making new friends along the way, escorted tours are particularly popular with singles and solo travellers.

Having experienced a luxury escorted tour of South Africa firsthand, I have seen for myself why people would choose to travel in this way, and contrary to popular belief, these tours are not limited to the over 50s.  Our tour included just five other guests aging from 30 – 60, and despite the fact we were from five different countries, we overcame the language barriers and had whole lot of laughs along the way.

Luxury small group escorted tours remove those “what if” scenarios from your travels, and replace them with exceptional hotels, fully licensed, comfortable ground transportation, and the unique opportunity to get off the beaten track and discover the hidden treasures of a country that one might not find when travelling alone.

If it is time to treat yourself or a loved one to a holiday of a lifetime, don’t worry about the recession – the memories and holiday snaps will last long after every penny is spent!


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