Animal Encounters – Meeting the real “Locals” when Travelling the World

For us, travelling the world is all about discovering new countries, trying new foods, learning about different cultures, and chatting to the locals – even if that means using hands, feet and charades to overcome the language barrier!

We truly believe that travel opens the mind, and if you head off the beaten track and away from the tourist trails, you may well find that you not only make foreign friends, but also have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the local wildlife, and build up your own collection of animal encounters.

I am an animal lover, and if there is a lion, snake, or koala in the vicinity you can pretty much guarantee I am going to spot it, so we have managed to get some great pictures over the years and thought we would share our favourites with fellow animal loving travellers!

As one would imagine, Australia is packed with wildlife and while it may home some of the most deadly creatures in the world, it offers some rather cute and cuddly animals too!

Koala - Chilling on the Great Ocean Road
Colourful and Friendly!
Deadly - but completely uninterested in our presence!
Noisy, Messy, and Lovely!

When it comes to South Africa, the term “wildlife” takes on a whole new meaning!  Seeing these stunning creatures in their natural environment is something all animal lovers will appreciate, and as such, a safari tops many a bucket list!

Beautiful South African Lions
Bold and Beautiful Birds
Inquisitive...or maybe just nosey!
The Giraffe...

In South America, the wildlife is as varied as the people who live there.  Brazil has everything from exotic birds in the Amazon to wild horses in the south, while Argentina boasts numerous cattle ranches and an abundance of sea life in Ushuaia.

A butterfly at Perito Moreno
Seals of Ushuaia
Donkey in Bolivia
Catching some rays in Tierra del Fuego

Wildlife makes the world that little bit more beautiful, and if the only souvenirs we take are photos, we can ensure we leave these gorgeous creatures behind for the next generations!


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