Thumbs Up for Friday – Fun Photos from a Tour around the World!

After spending almost 5 months, travelling around the world it is fair to say that we managed to pick up quite a few holiday snaps!  Around 10,000 to be more precise, and after looking through them just the other day, I realised that we have our ‘thumbs up’ on just about every picture!

I know many people have their “thing” that they do when having a photo taken, such as the pout, the funny face, and the tongue out pose, but I was completely unaware that we too have a “thing”, and by looking at the pictures below – its seems it is catching!

Antigua – Caribbean
Tuk-Tuk Driver – Bangkok
Australian Friends sailing to the Knysna Heads
On the Bus in Brazil
Thumbs Up for Fiji
Oktober Fest in Macao
Ananda – Best Escorted Tour Guide in South Africa
Sailing the Mamanucas – Definitely a 2 thumbs up!
Chillin in Anguilla…
Thumbs Up for the Great Barrier Reef
Fingers this time…In Penang
El Capitan – Fiji Sailing
Si Senor – They know how to do it in Mexico!
Whitsundays – Stinger Suit Season!
South Pacific gets the thumbs up from me!
Austria’s finest skiers
Yasawa Islands
Delicious Mauritius

It just goes to show that no matter where you travel in the world, with an open mind and a friendly gesture you can overcome every language and culture barrier, and make new friends in every corner of the globe – and that gets a Thumbs Up from me!


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  1. eideard says:

    Happy Star Wars Day.

    May the 4th be with you!

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