100 Travel Blogs viewed in over 80 Countries – Must do better!

Well today is the official 100th Blog Day of Equatours, and while we have had a blast writing about our favourite journey’s around the world, tips and tricks that we have found useful, and a variety of other bits and bobs to keep the cyber world entertained, I am sad to see we missed our target of 100 blogs in 100 days – due to a sneaky last-minute break in Sardinia!

Oh well, Sardinia was so worth it, and we have the next 100 days to do some serious catching up!

Travelling the Road Ahead

The World Wide Web is an amazing place to share travel stories and tips, and thanks to the WordPress statistics page, we can see that our blog has had visitors from a staggering 84 different countries!  From Madagascar and Russia to Barbados and Guinea-Bissau, we have had visitors from every continent – and still get that warm, fuzzy feeling every time we get a record day!

Writing a travel blog is easy when you love to travel, although I sometimes compare it to cooking a soufflé. Some days it’s big, bouncy and full of life, other days it’s dull, limp, and no matter how much you poke and prod it, it remains flat! But each new day brings new ideas, new stories, and new challenges, and as long as we keep travelling the world and sharing our experiences with others – we will endeavour to keep on writing about it!

The Equatours Team!

2012 is set to be an action packed year for us at Equatours, with a trip to Sicily in two weeks, a couple of trips to our beloved South Africa, and a fantastic round the world cruise tour in September – so the road ahead looks well-travelled, and I for one can’t wait to pack my bags!

So thank you all for your great comments, likes, and for following our journey as we discover a whole new world!


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