Seasonal Focus – Favourite Places to Visit in May

What a beautiful day!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and we can be in doubt that summer is finally sneaking its way into the northern hemisphere! My favourite time of the year, summer brings all those wonderful things such as strawberries, afternoon bike rides, and most importantly perhaps, summer holidays, and what could be better than heading off somewhere new for a week or two to relax, unwind and indulge!

May is a hugely popular time to head off on that first holiday of the year, and while we have to wait 12 days (and counting) until we head off to the gorgeous Italian island of Sicily, our friends and family members are scattered across the globe enjoying some well deserved fun and frivolity in faraway destinations.

So where is the best place to head off to during May?  Well, the world, as they say, really is your oyster, but if you fancy a trip to one of the many southern European destinations such as Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal, May is one of the best times of year to visit.  The weather is warm, the beaches are less crowded that in the summer months, and your Euros will go a little further when it comes to booking a quality hotel.

If you fancy travelling a little further, you can still catch some great weather during the month of May in the countries below the equator such as Africa, South America and Oceania, which enjoy warm sunny days and cooler evenings as they move into their autumn.   Flight and hotel prices fall significantly during the ‘low season’, so you might just be able to bag yourself a bargain!

South East Asia is still an option during May; if you are lucky you will see blue skies every day, but if you are unlucky you may arrive along with the first monsoon rains of the year – and that can get very wet indeed!  The temperatures remain warm and sticky so the rains are bearable, but if you are looking to spend all day every day on the beach, you might be taking a gamble.

There is nothing quite like cruising the Caribbean during the month of May.  Warm sunshine, cool cocktails, and all the onboard activities and entertainment one could possibly wish for, I couldn’t think of anywhere better to be right now.

Well, that’s my holiday daydreaming over for another day – let us know where you are going this May!


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