Escorted Journeys – So Much More than a Group Holiday

When it comes to new and growing travel trends, small group escorted journeys are most definitely on the increase, with singles, mature travellers, and small family groups opting for this type of travel over any other.

A convenient way to travel and one that removes the “what if” scenarios one might face when travelling alone, escorted journeys are ideal for those who wish to venture off into unknown territories, and as the chances of making new friends along the way is high – they are perfect for those who do not have a travel partner.

Larger group tours may be able to offer competitive prices, but they often provide overcrowded buses, sub-standard accommodations, and lack the personal touch that makes a holiday special.  As a result, tour operators big and small are now offering more luxurious small group escorted journeys that not only allow for a more intimate experience, but they also offer the traveller more freedom to do as they please.

From Africa to Asia and South America to Oceania, there are escorted journeys available to every corner of the globe, and if you already have a group of family or friends who would like to travel together, you can take advantage of a tailor-made package, designed to fit around your preferred travel destinations, travel dates, and travel budget.

One of the most important things to consider when booking an escorted tour is the size of the group; the smaller the group size, the more informal and relaxed your journey will be, and it is easier to get to know your fellow travellers when travelling in a smaller vehicle.

The itinerary is another important factor to think about before confirming your escorted journey.  A packed itinerary may sound exciting when you are sitting at home, but once you arrive and relax into a holiday pace, you may find a busy schedule somewhat overwhelming.  An escorted tour that combines plenty of activities and excursions with ample free time provides the traveller with the best of both worlds.

Escorted journeys really are so much more than a group holiday, and if you are lucky enough to travel with a selection of like-minded people – you may make lifelong friends along the way!


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