So how exactly do Italians stay slim?

After travel, our next greatest passion in life is enjoying good food, and so our recent trips to Italy left us with not only wonderful memories and great holiday snaps, but also slightly larger waistlines and definitely more than an inch to pinch!

A country passionate about everything from the way they dress and speak, to the way they cook, the Italians certainly know how to live life to its fullest, and their Mediterranean style of cooking tickles the taste buds in all the right places.

From teeny tiny espresso’s and sweet treats for breakfast, to pizza lunches, and pasta and salad evening menus, Italian chefs know how to create a delicious meal from simple ingredients, and when it comes to desserts, they have to rank as one of the world’s best!

As one of Europe’s leading wine producers, Italy offers a fantastic selection of crisp dry whites, robust reds, and sweet Marsala wines to complement every mealtime, and those who prefer to stay alcohol free will enjoy the massive selection of coffee varieties and delicious fresh fruit juices.

Coffee is almost an institution in Italy, and the locals take it very seriously indeed. Espresso seems to be the coffee preferred by the locals, who will pop in to one of the street side cafe’s for less than a minute to get their caffeine boost of the day.

Ice-cream or gelato is serious business in Italy, and if you manage to pick just one from the numerous varieties available, you will understand why Italians young and old enjoy munching away on this sweet treat as they take their evening stroll through the cobbled streets.

Rich, creamy, and delicious, Italian ice cream is not for those on a diet, but if you are only visiting this beautiful country on holiday – you simply should not resist!

Then we come to our “pièce de résistance” – Italian pizza!  Hearty, tasty, and cooked to perfection, oven baked Italian pizza is worth the journey alone, and while it may have more calories than one should consume in an entire day – who cares, we are in Italy!

So that brings me back to my original question – how exactly do the Italians stay so slim?!


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  1. Great post!! I love the photos and now am so excited to try some italian food. When we go to italy I will be so lucky because I have relatives there we are staying with and I already have high hopes for the food they are going to cook us! Yay for food!

    1. Thank you for stopping by – you will have a wonderful time in Italy!!! Eat, eat, eat! yum!

  2. megtraveling says:

    I just got back from Italy on Saturday and I’d like to know the answer too!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Are you on a post-Italy diet too?! 🙂

      1. megtraveling says:

        I’m really missing my daily gelato! That’s my idea of a diet… 🙂

  3. codecables says:

    There are a few basic rules concerning the famous mediterranean diet: 1. Skip that cornetto in the morning and have some fresh fruit instead. 2. There is no such thing as pizza lunches (by the slice is the only way to eat pizza during the day; and while pizza makes for an easy dinner, only consider it once or twice a month. 3. Never have pasta (carbs, remember) in the evening. One of my skinny Italian friends would even go so far and only order antipasto and contorno… 4. Just forget that tiramisu after dinner, instead take a coffee. Oh, and when in Rome, do go jogging in Villa Borghese 🙂 To your healthy next visit!

    1. Thank you very much for the tips! While I could go without the ice-cream and sweet treats, life without carbs would be just too dull for me – especially in Italy! 🙂

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