Avoid the Crowds and Head below the Equator this Summer!

Just about everyone we know is busy planning or packing for their summer holiday, and as the excitement builds with ‘what to pack’ and ‘where to visit’, it is easy to understand why millions of us travel abroad every year in search of something different.

The Mediterranean Islands are always popular during the summer months of June, July and August due to the almost guaranteed sunshine, great beaches, and the deliciously healthy Mediterranean diet, but when the package tourists start to arrive, these resorts can be somewhat overcrowded, and finding a spot on the beach is like finding a needle in a haystack!

Over the years, we have found that we get to see more of a country when travelling out of ‘peak season’.  The flights and hotels are generally much cheaper, the resorts are less crowded, and the weather is generally just as pleasant (although you may need an extra layer), so the overall experience is far more fulfilling and enjoyable.

As we step into summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the countries sitting beneath the equator such as Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and the southern countries of Southeast Asia move towards their autumn, which can be a wonderful time of year to explore.

During the summer months, these countries can experience oppressive temperatures of 30° plus, making sightseeing a rather hot and sweaty experience, but during the autumn months, the temperatures drop to a comfortable 20° during the day, cooler in the evening, so those looking to explore, uncover, and discover a new destination will appreciate the moderate climate.

Those that do not enjoy the sun at all will find excellent skiing opportunities in New Zealand during the months of July and August.  A busy time of year for the Kiwi’s, you can expect to share the slopes with skiers from across the globe, but a ‘summer’ holiday to Queenstown will leave you with a wonderful selection of holiday snaps, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you go above or below the equator this summer – we hope you have a wonderful holiday and discover a whole new world!


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