UEFA Euro 2012 – Here we go again!

Tomorrow the UEFA European Football Championship, referred to by most as the Euro 2012, ‘kicks off’ in Poland and the Ukraine, as football teams from 16 nations compete against each other in this 3-week event.

UEFA’s decision to hold the event in Poland and the Ukraine has been scrutinised by many due to the threat of racist attacks and violence, and as football fans make their way to the capital city of Krakow, the Polish police are “gearing up” in preparation for hooligan riots.

The UK government has released the following statement “The UEFA Euro 2012 Championship will be held in Poland and Ukraine in June 2012. If you plan to attend, organise your travel and accommodation well in advance.  Distances between venue cities are significant. If you need to contact the emergency services in Poland call 112.”

Good advice for all fans travelling to watch the game, and if you want to avoid sleeping on a public bench, it is definitely a good idea to plan your hotel/accommodation in advance!

The first games on June 8th will see Poland battle it out against Greece, and Russia vs. Czech Republic.  British fans will have to wait until next Monday (11th June) to see their team take on the French.

Does England have a chance of winning the title?  Well, who knows – we will not be holding our breaths but we will certainly be waving our flags!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Travel Culture Food says:

    nice post 😉

  2. marviiilous says:

    cant wait to watch France vs England tomorrow!

    1. Thank you for stopping by our blog! We love your pictures!
      Hope you will be supporting England tonight (we need all the support we can get!) 🙂

      1. marviiilous says:

        i am pulling for England tonight!

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