Climbing Kilimanjaro – A Dream Comes True

While I have always been relatively active and sporty, my fitness levels cannot compare to those of my Austrian born, mountain goat of a husband, who can scale a 2,500-metre mountain without breaking a sweat! Yet I have always had a dream, a ‘bucket list’ contender if you like, and that is to climb the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

A striking volcanic mountain soaring 5,895 metres above sea level, Kilimanjaro attracts climbers and adrenaline junkies from all over the world, and after much planning and organising, we are hoping to make our own dream a reality within the next 12 months.

Working in the travel industry opens up all kinds of opportunities, and in our aim to offer amazing trips to exotic destinations, we think we have found the perfect journey for those looking to combine a once in a lifetime experience, scaling Africa’s highest mountain, with a relaxing beach holiday on the unspoilt island of Zanzibar.

There are several different routes and packages available for those wishing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and if you thought it was something only the rich and famous could enjoy, you will be pleased to learn that there are packages to suit all budgets.

The Kilimanjaro national park opened its doors way back in the 1970s and since then thousands of intrepid travellers have flocked to Tanzania with the same mission, to scale the impressive freestanding mountain and watch the sunrise over the ever-changing landscapes below.  From rainforests to barren deserts, the scenery is said to be breathtaking – although I’m sure the altitude has something to do with that!

While one does need to fit and healthy to scale Kilimanjaro, it is possible to reach the summit without ropes, and with the right training, preparation, equipment,  and by taking the longer route, we are hopeful that the altitude sickness will pass us by, and that we will make it to the top.

After the 8-day trek, we will make our way down to ‘mother earth’ to take, what I can only imagine, is a much-needed shower and long sleep in a comfortable bed, before heading off the next day to a luxurious beach resort in Zanzibar.

With pure white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and year round sunshine, Zanzibar is the perfect place to rest those tired muscles, enjoy delicious food, and allow the body to recuperate from this once in a lifetime experience.

As soon as our dates are confirmed we will release this amazing itinerary – so watch this space fellow travellers – and maybe you can discover a whole new world with us!


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