It’s Summer, It’s Ski Season – In Queenstown New Zealand!

We may be experiencing torrential downpours in certain regions of the United Kingdom, but summer is upon us, and the warmer weather has definitely reached the Mediterranean seaside resorts of Spain, Portugal, and Greece.

If sunshine is ‘not your thing’ and your idea of a great summer holiday is skiing somewhere ‘remarkable’ in deep fresh know, then pack your bags (and skis) and head on over to Queenstown in New Zealand as soon as possible!

More than 30cm of new snow fell on Coronet Peak on Wednesday, 40cm on the Remarkables, and the locals are reporting that “the skiing conditions could not be better” as the resort opens its doors for the winter season.  All the ski lifts and facilities will open in Queenstown this weekend, so if you dream of skiing in powder snow, now is the time to take advantage of the pristine slopes before the masses arrive.

Queenstown is beautiful at any time of the year, but during the ski season it transforms into a winter wonderland of snow-capped peaks, frosted Lakes, and alpine adventures.  Great for families, singles, couples, and groups, the small resort really does have something for everyone, although trying to get a hotel room in the coming weeks could be your greatest challenge!

Those looking for a skiing adventure should try their hand (or feet?) at night skiing on Cornet Peak.  The fully floodlit slopes sparkle against the night sky, and as it is less crowded, it appeals to skiers and snowboarders who want to work on their downhill speed!

The restaurant and bar remains open until 9pm, so once you are all skied-out, you can head into the warmth and enjoy a great meal and a warming glass of mulled wine, before you head back down to Queenstown in time for Après ski!

A wonderful summer, winter holiday destination, Queenstown has it all!


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