Olympic Fever Hits London

With just three weeks to go until the London 2012 Olympics get underway, Olympic ‘fever’ is spreading across the city as hotel, restaurant, and shop owners decorate their establishments in vibrant shades of red, white and blue, to show their support for Team GB.

London has been ‘refurbished’ and now boasts a brand new cable car over the River Thames, the roads that lead through the city have been painted with the Olympic Rings, and today saw the official Olympics 2012 programme go on sale, so it looks like we are finally ready for some sporting action!

If you are travelling to London for the Olympic opening ceremony, and haven’t booked your hotel yet, now is the time to act!  There are still (surprisingly) some great hotel offers available, and if you don’t mind travelling to the outer suburbs, then there is still a chance of bagging a bargain.  If you intend to stay in central London, however, you can expect to pay anywhere from £300 – £1000 per night for the privilege.

One area that is still causing the Olympic event organisers some concern is the London transport network.  The buses and trains are overcrowded as it is, and with an extra 3 million journeys expected on the busiest event days, it seems there could be gridlock.

Britain’s Olympic minister Hugh Robertson admitted “We’ve done everything we think we were expected to do to make it work” and that if people follow the travel advice handed out by the British government, everything “should be alright”!

So what is the Olympic travel advice from the British government?  Well, they suggest you avoid driving through central London during the Olympics, always plan your journey, and do not forget to check the time of the last train home – simple!


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