Excess Baggage – How Much is Too Much?

I have said it before and I will say it again, there are two types of people in this world – those who can pack light, and those who cannot!

Falling miserably into the latter category, I have to admit that I find it incredibly difficult to pack light when travelling abroad, and a recent survey by Tesco clothing line F&F confirms I am not the only one!

According to the survey, the average woman changes up to four times a day on holiday (one in ten confess to getting through seven outfits a day!), and as a result, we pack a whooping 28 different outfits for a one-week holiday.

The surplus clothing, it seems, is down to the variety of activities we indulge in while on holiday, and when you think about it, four outfits per day is not unreasonable if you:

  • a) Go to the Gym
  • b) Go to the Pool/Beach
  • c) Go sightseeing
  • d) Go for dinner

So Ladies, you no longer need to feel guilty about packing those extra shoes, bikini’s and summer dresses – you are just one of many!

One in 20 of the Ladies surveyed admitted that they changed their clothes several times per day just to get through everything they had packed, and eight out of ten confessed that they didn’t manage to wear every item in their suitcase, but that is mainly due to buying new items of clothing or shoes while they are away.

Packing and suitcase weight restrictions are one of the biggest problems we face when going on holiday, and with many airlines now charging extortionate amounts for every extra kilo, it is wise to check you allowance before you leave for the airport, and if you are overweight – squeeze a few items into your other half’s suitcase!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jane Sadek says:

    Huzzah!! Recently worked my tail off to fit everything I needed for a twelve day road trip in Oregon into one airline acceptable suitcase and carry-on. Then Frontier charged me for the checked bag which was OK, but you know what they called the charge? Excess baggage fee! I wanted to find someone and choke them. Excess my foot!!

    1. Ha! You are so right Jane – some people!! Excess indeed…. 😉

  2. kimterry says:

    Yep, as one who packs for every eventuality, I can SO relate!

    1. Thanks for visiting Kim – we are not alone! 🙂

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