Extreme Adventure Holidays – In the World’s Largest Playground!

If you have bungee jumped off more bridges than you can remember, white-water rafted down more ravines than you thought possible, and jumped out of more aeroplanes than the average Marine, then it may be time to pack away those ‘adventure holiday’ brochures, and look for an Extreme Adventure holiday instead!

It seems days of the Jet Ski and big banana boat rides are long gone, and today’s adrenalin seeking traveller is looking for something far more exhilarating, such as the Fisher Towers playground in the Moab Desert Utah, America.

Referred to as “The World’s Largest Playground”, Fisher Towers offers a range of peaks from 35 to 800ft high, that are connected together by slack-lines.  Those looking for the ultimate thrill, can practice their skills walking between the towers along the slack ropes, BASE jump from one tower to another, to simply skydive from the highest peaks to the desert below!

The scenery of the Moab Desert is quite simply breathtaking, and if you enjoy being outdoors, climbing sheer rock faces, and hanging precariously 800ft above the ground on nothing by a slack line, it may be just the place to take your next Extreme Adventure Holiday!


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