Holiday Destinations that are likely to make you Heavier!

If you are one of the many who spend several weeks or even months dieting and training to get in shape for your bikini clad beach holiday, then there are certain destinations you may wish to avoid.

A recent survey by one of the UK’s largest Travel Agencies shows that we can put on anywhere between 0.65kg and 3.27kg while on holiday, and that those heading to Cyprus or Turkey this summer, are more likely to pile on the pounds than those travellers heading elsewhere.

Frequent eating out, lack of sport and exercise, and increased alcohol consumption are to blame for our holiday weight gain, and when you combine that with the delicious Kebabs and sugar-packed Baklava found in Turkey and Cyprus, it is easy to understand why the average tourist will gain 1.5kg during their summer break.

All-Inclusive resorts that offer 24-hour snacks and all-you-can eat buffets certainly do not help those battling the bulge, and if you have ever been on a cruise ship, you will have witnessed firsthand how difficult it is to resist a midnight chocolate buffet!

Portugal and the United States will see you gaining 1.30kg and 1.08kg respectively, but do not worry Ladies – men’s waistlines fluctuate the most, and the average man will gain 2.53kg while on holiday.

Those looking for a “healthy destination” should consider Canada, German or Ireland, although with the delicious breads and pastries in Germany, the Guinness and Irish stew in Ireland, and the Quebec Poutine (French fries covered with cheese curds & chicken gravy) in Canada; I’m not too sure where they got those stats!

If you cannot stretch to a beach holiday abroad this year, you will be pleased to know that those who opt to take a “Staycation” this year will remain the slimmest of all, putting on a mere 0.24kg.

Holidays are all about relaxing and over-indulging so don’t be too hard on yourself; the New Year’s Resolution Diet will be here before you know it, so eat, drink and be merry!


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  1. Interesting numbers – Cyprus & Turkey eh? Two of the countries we’ve been visiting most lately! We know what you mean 😉

    1. There is nothing wrong with an inch to pinch!! 🙂

      1. If only it was an inch 😀

  2. well I was in Spain (Mallorca) this year and I can tell you it was no different 🙂 I probably got more than 1kg in two weeks 🙂

    I added this post on Travel News – I hope it’s OK with you.

    1. That’s what holidays are all about! I think 1kg is pretty reasonable! 😉

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