An African Tail – Trekking Kilimanjaro for the Love of Dogs

In exactly nine weeks time, Ingo and I will be making our way to Tanzania to begin our epic journey to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

A trip in the making (or in the mind at least!) for many, many years, our hike to ‘The Roof of Africa’ is something we have been dreaming about forever, and now that the hiking boots are purchased, the training has begun, and the realisation that we are actually doing to do this has set in, it is time to concentrate on getting to the top of this magnificent 5895m peak!

From the moment we decided to climb Kili we knew that we wanted to try to raise funds for an African charity.  Having lived in South Africa for 2 years, we have witnessed real poverty with our own eyes, and the experience has changed us forever.

Children without shoes, elderly couples without a home, and loveable streets dogs without food and shelter, are just some of the sights one can expect to see when travelling the world, and so for us, it made perfect sense to support an African charity when climbing Africa’s highest mountain.

Choosing just one organisation is a difficult task, with so many worthy causes one could support a hundred charities and that still wouldn’t touch the surface, so we have eventually decided to go with something that is close to our own hearts, and endeavour to raise funds for African Tails, an organisation that works tirelessly to curb the over-population and suffering of abused and neglected township dogs on the streets of South Africa’s informal settlements.

It is estimated that over 4 million South Africans live in informal settlements across the country, and while many try to provide a dog with love, they simply do not have the means to feed them and pay for veterinary bills – this is where African Tails step in.

By funding weekly/monthly sterilisation for those who cannot afford it, educating the urban public, rescuing and re-homing dogs who are injured, ill, or no longer wanted, and feeding those fit and healthy enough to make it on their own, the volunteers at African Tails give up their time, their homes, and their hearts to help man’s best friend survive in a tough world.

Every single penny donated to African Tails is put to good use, and with a little help from the rest of the world, this magnificent organisation will do their utmost to end the cycle of abuse, suffering and neglect that South African street dogs (Canis Africanis) are subjected to in informal settlements.

While our hike up Kilimanjaro is going to test our mental and physical abilities, the thought of saving just one dog will give us the strength and determination to carry on.  Our aim (while optimistic!) is to raise 58950.00 Rand (£4500 / 5700€ / 7000 USD) for African Tails, which equates to just 10 South African Rand (75p / 1€ / $1.20) for every metre we climb.

Can you help? Will you help?  Anything you can give will make a huge difference, and if all our Blog followers were to donate just 20 Rand, we would be well on our way to reaching our goal.

To make a donation with an International Credit Card, please visit:

But please be sure to drop us an email ( with your name and the amount you have contributed so we can add your details to our cause.

Website:                                                                                Facebook:

Thank You!


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  1. What a fabulous charity. Good luck in the treck!

    1. Thank you! Just finished a 15km hike….phew! 🙂

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