Summing Up South America

It may be a huge expanse of land combining a multitude of different countries, languages and cultures, but there is something very warm and inviting about South America, and as such, it attracts millions of new travellers each year.

With its prime location between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, the breathtaking Andes Mountain range and the Amazon River, South America offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and if you are passionate about photography, you could easily spend the rest of your life travelling from one country to the next, capturing the exquisite beauty on film.

The biggest decision most travellers face when visiting South America is ‘where to start’!  With so many wonderful countries to visit, places to see, and things to do, the choice can be overwhelming, but with a little revision and good organisational skills, you can get the most out of your trip.

Argentina is, in my opinion, a wonderful place to start your South American adventure, and if you are looking for cosmopolitan cities, fine dining, glaciers, salt flats, waterfalls, and spectacular lunar landscapes, you will find it all right here.  The country is huge, and each town has its own charm, so whether you choose the vibrant hub of Buenos Aires, the northern province of Salta, or the southernmost city of Ushuaia, you will not be disappointed.

If you are looking for something a little more tropical, neighbouring Brazil offers everything from white sandy beach holidays to Amazonian adventures. A great place to study Portuguese, learn to dance the Samba, or take up the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira, Brazil welcomes travellers with wide open arms, and holds you so tightly that you may never want to leave!

Peru is undoubtedly the most popular country in South America, with the infamous Inca Trail of Machu Picchu attracting millions of visitors each year, but despite the influx of foreign travellers it has retained its natural character and charm, and the diversity of landscapes is astounding.

Bolivia is a country that is growing in popularity with foreign travellers, and if you are looking for a cultural tour into indigenous heritage, it is probably the best place on planet earth.  With over 30 different ethnic groups, and some of the highest cities in the world, Bolivia is so much more than La Paz and Potosi (although they are both worth visiting!), and a great place to add to your bucket list.

Then of course there is Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay to visit before you head to the northern tip of South America and take in Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and French Guyana…!

It is impossible to sum up South America in a few words, but if I had to choose just one, it would be quite simply “Amazing!”


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  1. That photo from Brazil is stunning.

    1. Thank you! We love Brazil – but then we love everywhere…! 🙂

  2. Elle Hubbard says:

    Great article guys, and beautiful photos too! Thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Elle! 🙂

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