70% of Adults need at least 2 Weeks to get over the Holiday Blues

If you have just returned home from a late summer holiday and are struggling to shake off the holiday blues, then you will pleased to know – you are not alone.

A recent survey commissioned by Tribute Pale Ale, confirmed that seven out of every ten adults take more than two weeks to stop reminiscing about the warm weather, the soft sandy beaches, and their beautiful holiday resort, and that the average person takes exactly eight days and 22 hours to get back into the swing of things!

A spokesperson for Tribute said, “If someone is suffering a bit from post-holiday blues and still thinking back to it nine days afterwards, then that’s at least a sign that they had a great time.” He went on to say, “Anything you can do to reminisce or re-live the holiday experiences, by for example drinking your favourite holiday beverage, will help ease the sadness.”

So there you have it, if your tan is starting to fade and the autumnal weather is getting you down, make yourself a Tequila Sunrise, get out the holiday brochures for 2013, and reminisce while look for your next exciting trip abroad – Cheers!



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  1. For the last twenty years or so I have treated every day like any other day. That way I never have the holiday blues. Each day is an opportunity to work, an opportunity to relax, an opportunity to live.

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