Top Travel Trends for 2013 – Revealed in the World Travel Market Industry Report

Much like fashion, travel trends change with the seasons, and if the recently released World Travel Market industry report is anything to go by, we could be travelling a whole lot differently in 2013!

Broken down into a range of acronyms such as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), SLIMMA (Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Argentina), and TUSCKNS (Thailand, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Chile, Kenya, Nigeria and Singapore), the new and emerging travel destinations of 2013 promise to take us further than ever before.

Great news for world travellers who long to get off the beaten path and uncover those far-flung countries that were previously inaccessible, the new report confirms that 33% of travel trade believe that Libya has tourism potential, and unsurprising perhaps, China is going to be the number one for inbound and outbound tourism in the new year.

Those countries that fall into the SLIMMA group are thought to be the new emerging travel powerhouses, and the TUSCKNS group is said to have real tourism potential, so if you fancy heading off into the Argentine pampas, or uncovering the Cross River National Park of Nigeria, your trip is going to be easier to plan than ever before.

It is not just our travel destinations that are changing, but our travel habits are evolving too!  More than half of all UK holidaymakers take more than one holiday per year, 13% of those questioned said they take 3 trips, and 5% take 4 or more holidays each year – so can we be cautiously optimistic that the recession finally over? Well, the news certainly looks promising!

Finally, if you one of many who get annoyed about people using their mobile phones on planes and those tiny seats in economy, you will be pleased to know that UK holidaymakers are behind you!  Three in every four don’t want mobiles on planes, and 75% support wider seats for those with a fuller figure!

Happy Travelling!


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  1. Jane Sadek says:

    Went to a travel show here in Dallas last weekend and noted that a lot of the old standbys were absent. Only one cruise company, Holland America, bothered to show up. My favorite discovery: Malaysia. It wasn’t on my radar, but looks wonderful!

    1. Maybe they were all at the World Travel Market in London Jane? All the “major” cruise lines were there…
      Malaysia is absolutely amazing – like you, it wasn’t on my radar, but after spending several weeks there on our trip around the world, we really fell in love with the place. Another one for the bucket list! 😉

      1. Jane Sadek says:

        Well, obviously a trade show in London beats a travel show in Dallas, but we did have Samantha Brown, Pauline Frommer and Richard Wiese. And one would thing that the major cruise lines would have enough folks in their marketing department to cover more than one show!

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