Christmas Dinners from around the World (makes Turkey look a bit boring!)

In the last three days we have had over a metre of snowfall here in the Austrian Alps, and while I am trying to limit my outbursts of ‘White Christmas and Let it Snow’, this festive weather is making it difficult to suppress those Christmassy feelings!

While we normally head below the equator for some sunshine over the Christmas period, we have decided to brave the British weather this year and will head on over to good old Blighty on 24th December to spend Christmas with my family.

Turkey for Christmas dinner is a cert, and while I quite enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, Christmas Pud, mince pies, and half a tin of Quality Street, it does make me think about what they will be eating in other parts of the world…

A Barbi on the Beach in Australia – Where shrimps, steak and buckets of beer come as standard!

I actually thought it was a joke when they said it is customary to eat KFC on Christmas Day in Japan – but apparently, it’s true!

Much like their German and Austrian neighbours, the Italians like something sweet on Christmas day, namely, Panettone.

Celebrating the 24th December, more so than the 25th, the French enjoy fresh oysters, pâté and smoked salmon during Le Réveillon – and that sounds just as good as turkey to me!

In Mexico, Christmas is all about delicious stews and Tamales, delicious parcels of chicken or beef – Si Señor!

If you know anyone from Scandinavia, you will know that they love to party!  Christmas is no different, and they wash down their delicious smorgasbord of festive treats with a jug (or three) of mulled wine.

Those that celebrate Christmas in India do so with a delicious Indian style buffet of vindaloo curries with rice, sanna bread, and a layered cake dessert called bebinca.

What will you be eating this Christmas day?  Drop us a line, we would love to know!


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  1. Great to see what people eat around the world. We did barbecued duck a few years back and nearly set fire to the house – the bbq chimney got too hot and caught the timber of the barn roof… We’re cooking indoors this year but are going Middle Eastern this time.

    1. Ha! I am actually looking forward to Turkey this year – especially as I don’t have to cook it for a change! Middle Eastern sounds interesting…

    1. Thank you very much! 🙂

  2. Anja says:

    I’m from Poland and for us the most important is Christmas Eve’s dinner called WIGILIA Traditionally there are 12 dishes on a table. We start the dinner with breaking the Christmas Wafer. We do not eat any meat and we do not drink alcohol at that day. But we eat a lot of fish dishes. Some people buy live carp , keep it in a bathtub to kill it just before preparing dinner. There’s no WIGILIA without beet broth and dumplings with sauerkraut and wild mushrooms. Poppy seed cake, fruit cakes and dried fruit compote is a must. And by the way, we open Christmas gifts just after dinner and than we go to Mass at midnight. We celebrate Christmas for two days so a lot of Poles spend that time with family and friends around a table full of food. Then everybody’s trying to loose some weight before New Year’s Eve.:)

    1. Sounds perfect Anja! Thank you for sharing, but now our turkey is going to seem rather dull indeed! 😉

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