The 13 Best Places to Visit in 2013 – As Voted For by Travel Bloggers

If you are superstitious, the thought of stepping into the year 2013 might have you shaking in your shoes, but worry not, Travel Bloggers from across the world have voted for the 13 Best Places to visit in 2013, and it looks as though it’s going to be one heck of a good year!

With five of my own favourite destinations featuring on this exciting list, the number thirteen doesn’t seem quite so unlucky at all, and just imagine how lucky you would be if you got to visit all of them in 2013!

So, without further ado, here are 13 places you should be visiting in 2013…

1. Brazil

Brazil is booming right now, and with the upcoming 2014 World Cup and the Olympics of 2016, this South American star is set to grow and grow.  When popular events like these come to town, prices soar, so it is definitely wise to visit Brazil in 2013 before the soccer madness begins!

2. Albania

The climate and the Adriatic coast have made this tiny country stand out with travel bloggers – who voted it the best place to relax.

3. Burma / Myanmar

It used to be quite tricky to get a visa for Burma, but thanks to the elections held last year, the country has opened up its borders to foreign visitors – and it’s definitely going on my bucket list!

4. Mongolia

Similarly, Mongolia is now more accessible than before with entry possible from China, so many intrepid travellers are sure to head over the border in 2013.

5. New Zealand

Love it, love it, love it, and after watching the Hobbit over the Christmas period you will LOVE IT too!

6. Bolivia

I am not surprise that Bolivia made it onto this list; it is the absolute gem of Latin America and has some of the most beautiful and unique landscapes on planet earth.

7. Sri Lanka

Sunshine, heat and the end of the civil war, makes Sri Lanka a popular choice for travellers in 2013.

8. Istanbul

Rich in sightseeing activities, Istanbul is both charming and enchanting, making a great choice for your spring holiday.

9. Iceland

While the financial crisis of 2008 put Iceland over many a traveller’s budget, it has now stabilised and prices are relatively low.

10. Singapore

Beautiful, clean and a shopper’s paradise, Singapore has got it all, and in 2013, the country will celebrate its 50th year of independence from the British Crown, so there are sure to be numerous celebrations.

11. Namibia

With endless safari opportunities, expansive deserts, and the world’s most unusual landscapes, Namibia most definitely deserves its place on this list.

12. Jordan

The set for the British epic film Lawrence of Arabia in 2012, Jordan is the place to go if you dream of riding camels along golden sand.

13. Zanzibar

As with Singapore, Zanzibar will celebrate its 50th year of independence from the British in 2013 (makes us Brits sound terrible!!), and as such, you can combine your Kilimanjaro climb or Serengeti Safari with a beach break on beautiful Zanzibar.

With holiday destinations like that for 2013, I cannot wait for the New Year to begin!


20 Comments Add yours

    1. Unfortunately not… Maybe next year! 😉

  1. Dana S. Hugh says:

    My vote goes for Brasil and New Zeeland from the list below.

    1. Very good choices!! 🙂

  2. Jane Sadek says:

    I like this so much better than Disneyworld and Mount Rushmore. Way Cool!

    1. Me too Jane! Merry Christmas 🙂

      1. Ana Rosa Alvarez says:

        I live in USA I was born in Bolivia proud and happy to see Bolivia make 6 place on the list of best countries to visit. I definitely recommend to choose Bolivia for your next vacacion. My daughter and her friend are there , they visit Lake Titicaca , Salar de Uyuni ,LA Paz, and other cities . Both are world travelers and they were impressed to see the unique beauty of de salar. They also visited Cusco and Machuppichu in Peru. Bolivia has great! Hotels from one star to five and the prices are half of what you pay in the US. The food is amassing , the people very friendly.

      2. Thank you for stopping by Ana Rosa! We have been to Bolivia many times, and love it! We always recommend your beautiful home country 🙂

  3. sillystyle says:

    Nice choices! From this list, I’ve only been to Istanbul and gotta say it was absolutely fantastic. I loved the Grand Bazaar, with all the luxurious and colorful lamps, the wonderfully hand made pashminas and jewelry. It was a girl’s dream 😉 Of course, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque were just breathtaking. So, I’m glad Istanbul made the list 😉 Now I only have 12 more to go 😉
    You have a wonderful blog here. It makes me wanna pack my stuff and head to the nearest airport or train station 😉
    Thanks for the follow.

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by! I am so happy to hear our blog makes you want to travel, we must be doing something right! 😉 I hope you get to cross those 12 places off your bucket list soon!

  4. Jura says:

    Burma is wonderful you really should go soon. My photos from our trip here: Planning a horse riding trip to Mongolia this June/July so very excited!

    1. Sounds wonderful Jura! Can’t wait to see the photos 😉 Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Lissa Rabon says:

    Argentina and Patagonia are on my list this year. Your photo of Namibia is spectacular! Thanks for following my blog! We must have a bit of gypsy blood in us…

    1. Argentina and Patagonia – oh wow! Argentina is one of our favourite countries in the world, and Patagonia is simply breathtaking! We love your blog and look forward to seeing the photo’s from your next trip fellow gypsy traveller!! 🙂

  6. 4/13 and I thought I was well on my way – so much still to do! Thanks for visting my blog. Now where to next!

    1. 4 out of 13 is not too bad at all! We love your blog and look forward to reading more stories! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. Johnny Normark Friskilä says:

    Even if not everybody here understands Swedish, here I have made a summary of the Scandinavian travel trends for 2013. Going west is certainly the key word.
    Otherwise, 6 out of 13 here. Not that bad, I guess:-)

    1. Thanks Johnny! I would say 6 out of 13 is very good indeed!! tack så mycket 😉

  8. Ahhh this makes me want to book a trip somewhere wonderful! Thanks for sharing and following me on my blog!

    1. Thank you for returning the favour! Hope you get to visit one of these destinations soon! 🙂

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