Valentine’s Day Packages – Just for Singles

February 14th may be the most romantic day of the year for loved up couples, but if you are one of the many happily unattached singles out there who finds the whole hearts and flowers thing a bit overpowering, you will be pleased to know that there are several Valentine’s Day packages and getaways available – just for you!

From lunchtime cruises and day trips to weekend breaks and even week-long tours, there are numerous ‘non-romantic’ options available for singles this Valentine’s Day, and here are just a few of our favourites to tickle your taste buds…

The Break-Up Package, Winchester Mansions – Cape Town

Winchester Mansions Cape Town South Africa Valentines Day and Break Up Packages

With its prime position on the Atlantic Seaboard of South Africa, the Winchester Mansions are well worth a visit at any time of year, but from now until the 31st March 2013, they are offering this fantastic ‘Break Up’ package…

Just been dumped?  Bring a friend and mope in style with our Break Up package –  includes accommodation in a 2 bedroom suite, a chick flick DVD, rich chocolate cake, full fat ice cream, bottle of bubbles and box of tissues. 

 The Anti-Valentine’s Day Package, The Sutton Place Hotel – Vancouver

If you are living on the other side of the pond, and do not have the time to get to South Africa before Valentine’s Day, why not head up to Vancouver and enjoy the Anti-Valentine’s Day Package on offer at The Sutton Place Hotel instead? Here’s what they are offering…

If roses and chocolates are not your cup of tea this Valentine’s Day, The Sutton Place Hotel has the perfect package for you and your friends! Guaranteed to give all the single ladies a night of pure entertainment, everyone can indulge in classic hotel luxury while enjoying fantastic drinks, desserts, and breakfast in bed – with a little anti-Valentine’s Day humour on the side.


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  1. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

    quite an alternative proposition! 🙂

    1. Something for everyone! 😉

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