The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour – The Countdown Has Begun…

With just 3 days left until we fly to Cape Town, and 5 days, 8 hours, 16 minutes and 20 seconds until the Cape Argus Pick n Pay cycle tour, training time is running out, and we have just about reached that stage whereby if we are not fit enough to cycle 109km in seven hours now – we never will be!

February seemed to whiz by in a blur of snowstorms, cold and flu systems, and endless hours on an exercise bike, and while I cannot say that I feel in peak condition, I am certainly ready for some South African sunshine on my bones and some serious cycling action with our group of sporting fans.

As the world’s largest timed cycle race, the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour attracts over 35,000 cyclists each year, and somewhere amidst all those finely tuned professional cyclists, I hope to find my place and make my way around this amazing course in the mere seven hours allotted.

A constant cycling speed of at least 15.6km per hour is required if we are complete the cycle tour on time, and with the weatherman forecasting temperatures of around 34 degrees Celsius for Cape Town next Sunday, it looks as though it’s going to be one long hot and sticky race!

Entries for the Cape Argus 2013 are now closed, but if you fancy having a go at this epic cycle tour in 2014, here’s what you need to prepare for…

Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour 2013 Route Profile

Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour 2013

Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour 2013 Route Map

Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour 2013

Image source – Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust

If we finally make it across the finish line, we have been informed to “negotiate it like a pro, keep a straight line to avoid crashing, smile for the photographers, and bask in our awesomeness!”

This time next week, I’ll let you know exactly how ‘awesome’ we feel!  Wish us luck!


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    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace. I hope you come back to see my War Memorial Post.

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