Thai Temptations – A photographic journey throughout Thailand

Thailand may have a reputation for being the hedonistic capital of the world, but what many people fail to realise is that this Southeast Asian gem is one of the most beautiful and friendly countries on planet earth.

A land of golden beaches, lush green islands, opulent temples, and chaotic cities, Thailand has so much more to offer than the exotic nightlife of Bangla Road (although that is great fun – even for us girls!), and whether you are travelling alone, with a loved one, your family or a group of friends, this tropical paradise is guaranteed to please.

We were lucky enough to travel from the northern city of Chiang Mai, right down to the Malaysian border in the south, and while the weather was mostly warm and dry, we experienced some of the most amazing tropical storms on the islands of Koh Pha Ngan and Koh Samui, which resulted in us getting stranded.

However, the friendly locals, chilled Chang beer and delicious Thai Green Curries helped us make the most out of our stay – and being stranded on a tropical island without electricity has never been so much fun!

Here are just some of the photos we collected during our stay in the Land of Smiles…

Thai Temptations – A photographic journey throughout Thailand



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