May Day, May Day – It’s Time to Book a Holiday!


White Rabbits and Pinch Punch, the 1st of May has finally arrived and it is time to pack away the winter woollies, spring clean the house, and start thinking about that summer holiday!

The winter seems to have gone on forever this year, but with the cows back in the fields (it’s an Austrian thing), the daffodils in the garden, and the sun raising its head for more than a few minutes each day, I feel like summer is just around the corner.

May Day, May Day – It’s Time to Book a Holiday!

My favourite season of the year, summer is all about picnics by the river, sneaky weekends away, and barbecuing with friends, and unless you are one of the unlucky ones who suffer from hay fever, it provides us with the perfect opportunity to move outside, enjoy the fresh air, and dust off those winter cobwebs.

Then, of course, there is our summer holiday to think of.  With just 3-weeks until half term, and 12-weeks until the schools breakup for summer, now is the time to start browsing online for that dream holiday somewhere warm and exotic.

A recent report by TravelZoo indicates that two-thirds of us are still to book our summer holidays due to ‘nerves out finances’, but thanks to the UK narrowly avoiding a triple dip recession, the British pound is getting stronger by the day, and the outlook is somewhat brighter than we might have hoped.

So whether you are spending the day at work, dancing around a Maypole with friends and family, or spring cleaning the house and garden like me, don’t forget to spare a few moments to search for your summer holiday, after the ghastly winter we’ve had – you most definitely deserve it!



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