A-Z of Travel – Y is for Your Dream Holiday


If money and time were no objects, where would your dream holiday take you?

Somewhere warm and exotic like the South Pacific…
Somewhere cold and adventurous like Mount Kilimanjaro…
Somewhere steeped in history and culture where you could ‘find yourself ‘such as Tibet…
Or perhaps somewhere off the beaten track and along the road less travelled in Africa…

Well, when it comes to travel, the world really is your oyster, and while we have been lucky enough to visit over 50 countries on this planet, there is so much more we want to see and do before it’s time to hang up our backpacks!

My dream holiday to date must be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and while it’s not a trip where you get to sit back and relax, it provides you with the opportunity to test your physical and mental strength, and what can only be described as a life-changing experience.

Our round-the-world trip was another amazing (yet unplanned and unexpected) holiday, and if anyone had asked me 5 years ago if I would just pack up and head off around the world on a four-month adventure, I would have probably laughed out loud. However, that’s exactly what we did, and the places we saw, people we met, and experiences we experienced, were worth every single air mile.

Dream Holidays Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

For me, a dream holiday is not about where you go, but who you go with and who you meet along the way.  The hotel might not be what you expected, the resort might not have everything you were looking for, and the weather may decide to ‘do its own thing’, but if you travel with a fun companion and an open mind it is easy to extract the positives out of every situation.

We would love to know what your dream holidays are… Please drop us a line and let us know!

And Finally – Z is for Zzzzzz

I’m done with my A-Z of Travel…  Here’s to my next challenge!




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