The Heatwave is Set to Last – Anyone for Glamping?

Oxford Dictionary Definitions:

Glamping: A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping: Glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature – without foregoing any of life’s luxuries

Staycation: a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

The sun is shining, the temperatures are set to stay in the mid 20s all next week, and if you are one of the many Brits foregoing a summer holiday abroad this year in favour of a ‘staycation’ in Blighty, then you might want to think about a bit of Glamping!

A word still unrecognised by my spellchecker, Glamping (derived, I presume, from Glamorous and Camping) is all about adding a bit of luxury to your camping adventure, and if you find the idea of traditional camping in a muddy field with no water, a lumpy sleeping bag and an alfresco loo somewhat daunting, this could be the holiday for you!

The Heatwave is Set to Last - Anyone for Glamping?

There are literally hundreds of websites dedicated to Glamping holidays, and whether you decide on a Tipi, a Yurt, an Armadilla (Google it!), or a safari tent you can be confident you will have all the mod-cons you have at home combined with a little bit of the great outdoors.

My experiences of camping to date have been somewhat limited, I once camped in the back garden as a child (until it got dark and scary – then I went to bed!), I camped for 6-nights on Mount Kilimanjaro during our climb, and I once camped in a field (minus the tent) after a music festival in Austria…

But I have to say, I quite like the sound of this Glamping malarkey, and with unusually hot temperatures like these in the UK, who needs a hotel?  I’m off to find a wigwam!




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