Cruise Holidays – Do You Love ‘em or Hate ‘em?

When it comes to cruise holidays, it seems like there is a huge divide between travellers…

Some people love the idea of spending a week or two sailing the seven seas, with 24-hour dining, endless entertainment options, and a new port to visit almost every day, but others, well they seem to find the idea of spending their summer holiday on a floating city with thousands of other passengers somewhat of a nightmare!  What about you?

As someone who loves to cruise, I can honestly say I have had nothing but good experiences on my sailing adventures, and while I have learnt that bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to cruise ships, I do find the whole experience onboard to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Cruise Holidays – Do You Love ‘em or Hate ‘em?

However, after several years of recommending cruises to family and friends, it has become apparent that not everyone feels the same as me, and just the mere mention of the ‘C’ word seems to send some people into a tiz!  So why do cruise holidays get such a bad rap?

Surprisingly, many people still seem to believe that cruise holidays are for the older generation and that you have to be over 70 to enjoy them, but anyone who has sailed with the likes of Carnival or Royal Caribbean will know that this is most definitely not the case.

Sure, there are still some cruise lines that cater for the more mature guest, such as Holland America, but if you are looking for a cruise holiday that offers the perfect blend of great destinations, good food, a mix of age groups, and top quality entertainment, I would have to recommend Celebrity Cruises.

If, on the other hand, you can afford to splash out on a little luxury, Regent Seven Seas really do offer the most amazing trips, and it is one of the few cruise lines that offer a real “all-inclusive” package.

The ‘classic’ about cruises came from my dear mother, who told me she didn’t want to join us on a South Pacific Cruise, as “she cannot swim”!  Not exactly sure, where she was going with that one, but if the same thought has entered your head – please don’t worry – you won’t be getting wet!

Happy cruising!


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  1. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

    I am not particularly attracted by the big cruise liners with thousands of people. But have done small cruises in the past and have enjoyed them enormously. For example on the Yangsee river. On the Nile (magical) and this past New Year on the Royal Clipper in the Caribbean, I felt very spoiled and fortunate. Would go again.

    1. Equatours says:

      Sounds amazing! We will have to add all three of those to our bucket list… 😉

  2. Jane Sadek says:

    My last cruise was with Norwegian on Epic. Bigger is not better. I still love cruising, but not that particular trip. When I go again, it will be a river cruise.

    1. Equatours says:

      I agree Jane, these larger ships might make the cruise lines more money, but they do not enhance the cruising experience. I really fancy a river cruise too… not sure where though?

  3. Jane Sadek says:

    My best friend says we are taking three – France, Germany and Italy. From her moth to the ear of God!!

    1. Equatours says:

      Sounds amazing Jane! I think Italy would be my number one choice (but that’s just because I love pizza, pasta and wine!)

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