Autumn and Winter Holidays – Where will you be Heading?

Children across Europe are finally returning to school, and if you are one of the many who decided to postpone your annual holiday abroad until after the expensive school summer holiday period, now is the time to head online and look for those autumn/winter bargains!

Travelling during the latter part of the year may mean you have to travel a little bit further if you are looking for sunshine, but with many airlines now running their end of summer sales, the timing couldn’t be better for booking those long-haul flights.

British Airways currently have some fantastic offers on their flights to South Africa, Mauritius, and South America, so if you are looking for some safari action, an exotic beach holiday, or perhaps a wine-tasting connoisseur tour, this could be the option for you.

If you have a few weeks to spare, you might want to go even further, with a trip Down Under to the land of OZ.  There are some amazing Australian flight deals available at the moment, and if you are lucky enough to score one, your waltz with Matilda could be a lot cheaper than you think!

If you have never thought about heading below the equator before, why not make 2013 your year to discover something new, after all, this is what’s waiting for you…

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