Training for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2014 – Tours for International Cyclists

If you are lucky enough to live in Cape Town, training for the Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2014 is going to be a breeze.  Not only is spring just around the corner, but you have the 109km route on your doorstep, and you can give Suikerbossie and Chapman’s Peak more than a few test runs between now and next March!

Cape Argus 2014

For those of us residing in Northern Hemisphere, training for the Argus Cycle Tour is a completely different ball game…! Autumn is on its way, the evenings are already starting to get darker and it won’t be long until the frost, sleet and snow puts paid to our much-loved cycling expeditions, and we have to retreat indoors and rely on those incredibly uncomfortable exercise bikes at the gym!

I hate exercise bikes with a vengeance – they are nothing like regular bicycles, and unless you are lucky enough to have a gym that allows you to use their spinning bikes outside of spinning classes, your chances of doing any real training over the winter months is going to be tough – believe me I know!

So, we have come up with a solution for next year! We will continue to pedal throughout the winter down at the local gym, but will head to Cape Town 10 days before the event and take part in some Cape Argus Training Tours for International cyclists in and around the Western Cape.

Our partners in South Africa have put together some amazing Cape Argus Training Tours for both English and German speakers, and whether you decide to cycle the Cape Peninsula, the West Coast, the Whale Coast, the Winelands, or a combination of them all, you will get to experience the Atlantic Seaboard first hand and acclimatize to the sunnier (windier) climes.

With something to suit every cyclist, our Cape Argus 2014 Training program includes tours from 50km – 150km, and you can pick and choose as many as you like!

Now we just need to get through winter without hitting the biscuit barrel!





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